Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween! Wonder Woman to Wednesday...Whoa!

Hello, Halloween-ies! This is such a fun holiday. I enjoy seeing my nieces dressed up each year. It's harder to catch up with my older niece, 13, who's going to be Tinkerbell this year, but I am going to do my best to catch the Halloween Parade to see my 7 year old niece. Last year, Madison was the cutest Wonder Woman. This year, whoa Nelly! What a difference a year makes. Miss Madison is going to be Wednesday from the Addams Family. I love this commercial with the M&M Wednesday with the Peanut M&M's "head" cut off.
I also wanted to share some wild pics from a neighbor that has been decorating his yard for Halloween for years. It started out with a few things, but then just got bigger and bigger. What I like is that he usually adds a few political "up yours" to "the man." It's pretty "crafty" the things he puts together. If you have a squeamish tummy, don't scroll down. The gentleman is Joel Van Hauwe; the tombstone that says, "I told you I was sick" was his first lawn "ornament", which led to many others. I'll try and take some better pics (I'll have to take one from across the street to see "everything." He's also got a butler that is to "die" for!
Have a fun day, everyone!


Wendy said...

This guy has a wicked sense of humor...LOVE IT!!

Kriss said...

Wonderwoman is adorable. Great neighborhood decorations. My blog's post today mentions "Tinkerbell" -- she was my first kitten!

Margot Potter said...

Halloween is my favoritist holiday!

How fun is your neighbor? We live in Amish country...so there's not much going on for decorations on our street. We go into town to trick or treat.


Lisa D. said...

Hi Robin! I miss those Halloween school parades. Glad you'll be watching one today. I don't know whether to strangle Kriss or hug her fiercely. After visiting her blog yesterday, now I've got about 10 new blogs I have to read. There's too much fun stuff on this here internet. I'm so happy you're blogging. :)

Jean said...

what supercool photos!!!

now i am in the SPIRIT! :)

Kriss said...

I'm voting for the hug!