Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friday Play Date and the Weekly Links

I played hooky on Friday, and it was a wonderful respite. I went to deliver Pitch Black Adirondack(r) Paint Dabbers for my dear friend, Jen Starr. She lives up in Bumf*#& northwest New Jersey, so I made the trek up to see her and her funny, funny kids Ryan and Maya and wonderful dinner made by her husband, Mike. Jen is so talented and fun. It was so much fun to tease and curse at each other. Maya is an absolute pistol and kept asking why I was here to visit (I think she just wanted me to visit her!) her mommy and we, and later Mike, kept saying that Mommy deserves to have a Play Date with one of her friends sometimes! That's what it was and I was able to help her work through her last few layout designs for an unbelievably ambitious 6 hour class where 10 layouts will be created, all with various Ranger techniques. She's teaching tomorrow at The Crop Room in Hatfield, PA. I actually was intrigued to attend, but she said I'd make her too nervous because it was the first time she was teaching this class, so I'll show up another time at another place. I think this will be a GREAT class.

Jen is great because she's a definite scrapbooker; I'm a definite stamper, so we look to the other as to my "scrapbooking by fire" that I do and her (so she thinks) lacking stamping skills...Jen-get over it, you're a scrapbooker that can stamp! Anyway, it was fun, and after I go pick up my new glasses today I'm headed back home to finish Bandanna-ing my zillion Wrinkle Free Distress postcards and then solder, solder, solder!

I've also been really trying to work on my Photoshop Elements skills, so Jen, don't kill me, but consider these examples of a learning experience.

Without further adieu, check out this week's wonderful links from the Beadblogger gals!

Art Bead Scene Virginia Miska shows a step by step, easy and inexpensive way to remove tarnish from your silver beads and components, with common materials found right in your kitchen!

Bead Arts There are lots of great lampwork and hot glass forums out there! Can you think of any to add to Cyndi's list?

Jewelry and Beading Blog Tammy at the Jewelry and Beading Blog has spotted some adorable wire pumpkins from Wig Jig.

Katie's Beading Blog Beading Daily spotlighted Katie's book, Hip to Bead, this week. Read her post for links to a fun Q&A and free project download and a sneak peek into Katie's crafty organic farming lifestyle.

Naughty Secretary Club Have you taken the Handmade Pledge? Jen chats about how her girl gang the Austin Craft Mafia joined forces with the likes of Etsy, The American Craft Council, Interweave Press, Design Sponge and more to bring you Buy Handmade!

PearlEsq. Are you a Perfectionist? Robin's got a quiz for you and some thoughts on not sweating the small stuff and to embrace imperfection in your art!

Snap out of it, Jean! There's beading to be done! A stunning Geisha polymer focal bead by Janet Farris was dressed up using lustrous coin pearls and tiny multi hued spinels to express classic Japanese beauty. Take a look at Jean's latest offering in Beadwork Magazine!

The Impatient Blogger Are you tired of playing by the rules and itching to break free? Guess what, you can! Check out this inspired post by Margot Potter that gives you the kick in the pants you need to follow your bliss.


pineconegirl said...

Robin, can't believe it never occurred to me to find your blog. Looks like too much fun.Glad you had a great play date and what a great way to explain to the kids that it is time to play for the adults.
Marty from Buffalo Stamps and Stuff

Jean said...

I loved your comments about your friend Jen!