Monday, October 22, 2007

Relax, Clean, Rest, Craft, Veg...Repeat

Happy Monday! We made it through the last Ranger U of the year! I got home about 1:30ish, crashed until 5. Of course I then couldn't get back to sleep last night, but I knew I was taking today off, so it was all okay!

I detest, hate, loath (fill in the blank) cleaning. I like things clean, but I just hate doing it. Today, though, I was determined to really get on my hands and knees and work on my bathroom, always the top of every one's list. When I was practicing law and took depositions (as many as 3-5 a week sometimes!), there were always the personal injury defense questions that asked about how some one's life was altered from being hurt; I always asked about cleaning the house and always included the "did you clean the toilet" question, there was always the universal "ugh" face. So I know I'm not alone! but I do feel a sense of accomplishment of getting that done. So I thought I'd take a "break" and post, then back to vacuuming, laundry, with the hopes of getting in some soldering. One can only hope!

October 2007 Ranger U was the best. I say that every time, but it really was such a wonderful group. We had a blast with the international inclusion of people from England, Ireland, United Kingdom and Sweden! I got to taste Scottish Tablet which was interesting, but also some wonderful Swedish "Dark Milk" chocolate...cool! Thanks so much to everyone. I must now get back on my better eating habits, but it was worth it!

After the Ink/Embossing/Paint Education overload, Tim and I provided one of the mirror frames we love to use from Ikea and a bag full of Bazzill Chips. I love this part of the event, as everyone just does their own thing. As Tim says, they're all in their "zone". It's a great way to confirm what they've learned for the previous 2 days.

Here's a few frames from the attendees. I had some fun last night with Photoshop Elements and took the pictures of the attendees and centered them in the area where the mirror was...neat, huh!? The first is from Aleida Thomas, a wonderfully talented woman from Texas. She also has created some wonderful "Bandanna Collection" stamps based on her learning the Bandanna Technique from me at Perfect Pearls Ranger U. She created some wonderful effects. The second is from Julie Eaves of the UK; she loves purple, can you tell!? Next is from Nancy Parker, teacher and designer of everything and anything. She did an awesome job with Tim's Shabby Chic technique. Finally, Michele Dougherty, the Dean of College of Crafting with A.C. Moore. She's extremely talented and excited to bring in new educational programs into A.C.Moore, which I think in the end will result in new paper crafters who will then seek out the independent stores!

What was great about seeing every one's frames is that many times the ladies worked what they termed to be "outside of their comfort level." I think that's the fun and the challenge and what makes you grow as an artist! You never know what you may end up with!

I've got a lot to show to everyone....more frames from Ranger U, more techniques with the "same stamp" series I showed a few weeks ago and more from my "Meow" book! Everyone enjoy your day, I know I am!

Inky Hugs, Robin


Jean said...

ooooo I love these !!!

ps: I love chocolate, too!!! :)

Rachel Greig said...

Sounds like you all had so much fun over the weekend :) And I know what you mean about cleaning....

Tammy L. Browning-Smith, J.D., LL.M said...

It is not cleaning the bathroom - it is beautifying your Palace!


Margot Potter said...

Very cool! Aleida is so talented!

Glad you had fun and got a day to relax!


Michelle McGee said...

Love Aleida, too... and my dear Wendy! Glad it was fun!