Monday, October 8, 2007

A Potpourri Monday

Hello, everyone! Here's a bunch of fun and different things today.

1. THE CONTEST: I think I may have freaked out some people with my collection of stamps, so I'm going to offer a choice of two collections-I call one (that I posted yesterday) the non-traditional set, and the one I put together tonight, traditional. You'll see I've got some fun Holiday ones as well as some fun images that have an "open" space which is perfect to include a picture or photo. Some of the companies are Effie Glitzfinger's (an oldie but a goodie), Magenta, Impression Obsession. SO, the winner will have the CHOICE! I've only had a few comments posted! No one wants stamps!?

2. Here is a great sample Caroline Lau shared with me. She's one of the owners of one of my favorite companies, Maya Road. She made a pumpkin by using one of her foundation circles and a chipboard comma from Heidi Swapp. clever or what!? See how much fun this looks with the Tim Holtz(tm) Distress Crackle Paint? She then added a bit of matching Distress Ink over it. This helps make the cracks become more prevalent and "pop"! I love, love, love their chipboard. I'm going to continue you through the journey of the Cat Book through the week. I've also not forgotten about the Ink Techniques with the roses in vase stamp!

3. Last, but not least, I was psyched to get an email from Joan Miller today. My knotted necklace with her bead is posted on one of her pages. She also has an awesome bunch of birds that I MUST HAVE. The Robin, of course...duh!

Well, off to do more soldering. I'm on a bit of a roll. Enjoy the evening!




Wendy said...

Good morning, Art Goddess!!!

1. The necklace looks wonderful. I see you are multi (media) talented!!! Very cool!!
2. I want to learn everything that's in that head of yours.
3. How cute is that pumpkin, done by my boss?? Adorable. Perfect combo...Maya Road and Ranger!
4. I'm dieing to play with the crackle paint...DIEING!!
5. Show us what you've been soldering!!
6. 10 days 'til Ranger U!!! I CAN"T WAIT!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Robin,
I want stamps, and I love your blog.
I was just referred from the Suze yahoo group.
Just wanted to say HI,
I am one of those crazy Lima Beaners from CKU detroit.

Anonymous said...

I'd love some more stamps.
Love the pumpkin layout, very cute. Lisa

ScrappyMuse said...

I like the traditional one too. But I think I would still want to win the non-traditional set :) I guess I'm a non traditional type of person.

Hugs, Liz MOCHA

Margot Potter said...

I must send people to your blog galdangy. Geesh, why can't I keep all of this stuff in my head?!

It's leaking!

I wish I could go to Ranger U again...I'm jealous.


Jean said...

your blog is filled with amazing things to loo at. my mind is boggled!!! WOW!

Carlee said...

I love the mirror stamp....lots of ideas spark from that! The pumpkin is trecool...a circle and a comma, whodathunkit?!


BTW - Wendy sent me ;)

Anonymous said...

I bow to your greatness. :-) It is a blast to peruse your blog and see all of the interesting points of view & projects. Lots of fun!

Made my day today, I think I'll add you to my daily routine.

THank you for the time you take to let us in. scrappymom@141.com

JeanM said...

I just got some of the distressed crackle paint and am doing miini clipboards. It is interesting to see what one can make it do!

Sawyer's Mommy said...

That pumpkin is so cute. I would love some free stamps.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Robin,

I was referred to your blog my the Ms. Fabulous Rebecca Peck via her blog, where I LOVE to hang out ;), and I also know "of" you through having met Jen Starr at the workshops she gave in Javea, Spain this past May.
(Someday I will be a Ranger U graduate, hopefully the first person living in Spain to do so ;)

Sunny greetings from Barcelona!

Kelly said...

WOW love the site! very organized. How do you have the time? Keep up with it and I will refer more people. Kriss Cramer refered me. I need to find more people that feature horses instead of cats and dogs

Inky said...

My goodness! A complete 180 from yesterdays set! Is this the Sybil collection? Hee hee!

Jaimie Sander said...

You are the one of the most talented people I know! I am so glad my very first rubber stamp glass was with you ( 3-D pin at the stamp Mark-It)I look forward to learning lots more !

danagirl said...

Margot rox and she sent me... I'm kinda lovin' the POSTerior stamp stamp....

Ever come to Texas??!!


Cathy said...

Wow love the necklace. I'm signing up for your updates. I just love technique and like to try new things. The darkroom sent me over. Thanks for a chance.

Tamara said...

wow, I honestly didn't think that the crackle paint would actually crackle that much, I like it!

hamblinj said...

My Aussie friend Rachel Greig mentioned your site on her blog so here I am and I intend to stay - I just loooovvvveee your work.

The stamps would be nice too but hopefully I can learn some new stuff (not that that would be too difficult as I am very much a semi-newbie!).

Michelle McGee said...

Margot sent me!

Michelle McGee said...

Oh, and Wendy, your art is showing!

Michelle McGee said...

Margot... wish I could go to RU again, too... let's get together instead!

fuzzywhitedogs said...

What a beautiful necklace!! (Neith sent me.)

CAKVD said...

Wow, these are great stamps too! Where do you find all of these? I can't find anything like these anywhere! What fun!
Cheryl KVD

Sarah said...


Kriss Kramer sent me over to look at your blog....im all the way from the UK. Wow I have spent ages looking at your fab creations. Do you mind if I add you to my blog?
Ill be back...LOL Sarah x