Sunday, October 14, 2007

Puppy Love

Puppy Kisses to all...that's what I've been getting this weekend from Nadine's Pupper Upper Moxie, a.k.a. Foofie Toes. I've gotten quite the exfoliation, with some egging on by Nadine ("Thanks!"). We're off to pick up The Tm Man from the airport and then we're hitting NYC for dinner. It's not going to be a late night because we've got TOOOOO much to do this week. Nadine was a saint in helping me finish up the stuff for the kitting, so just one more thing to put together other than the curriculum. It never stops! But we had some fun in between. I've got my camera at the ready and it's an absolutely beautiful day!

When I get home tonight Minnie and Oliver are going to be sniffing everything, wanting to know what I was doing with my puppy friend again...thinking, "Traitor!", but 2 seconds later, "OOOH, Food! What Dog?" Ahhh, to have that kind of thought process in life would make things so less complicated, huh!?

Well, tonight or tomorrow I will announce the winner of the contest! Thanks to everyone who participated and there will be more, because I've got LOTS of stuff!!!!!

Puppy Hugs,


Tammy said...

Hey Robin,
I took a class from you years ago in Edmonton, Alberta!
Iam also a buddy of Inkys!
Where can i find the tutorial on the bandana tecnique? Iasm lovin what you have done and wabt to try it!
I Love, Love, Love your soldering! It is awesome!!!!!
Thanks for the info!

Tammy said...

I should preview what I type!
Should say:
Iam loving what you have done and want to try it!

Wendy said...

Kitting?? GOODIES??? Some for me??? YIPPEE!! Can't wait!!
Be good...giftie early in the trip. Harrassing emails...the giftie stays in the hotel 'til the last
Think about it...

Penny said...

I just had to lol at Wendy's comment. She really has no idea what kind (amount) of goodies she is in for??! Not to mention Pizza and UNLIMITED chocolate?! Oh, those were the days.
Give Tim my best.
Oh....and if you ever get to TN - I can promise you LOTS of puppy kisses!

Margot Potter said...


Mrs. Fellerbee would be happy to give you puppy kisses, she's smallish and snarky but she's a cutie pie.

Say howdy to the Timster for me. Shut the front door!