Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pressure, Continued-How to Create under It!

I've been teaching rubberstamping, jewelry making and all things in between for about 12 years now. There really does seem to be a "pre" stamp and "post" stamp life! One of the things that I've droned on about from time to time when it comes to making a card or something else "under pressure" , as in, "We've been invited to a birthday party, can you make a card in the next 10 minutes?". Well, that's usually not happened to me, I usually do that to myself ("Oh, crap! I forgot to make the card!" Once you've made cards for people, they expect that to continue! ("Hallmark-you sold out!" Although, I must caveat, their Song Cards are pretty cool!). Anyway, I've always got a box of varied papers cut up to postcard size (4-1/2" x 5-1/4") in a box. My standard cardstock is Watercolor Paper, Starwhite Vicksburg, Classic(r) Linen in Black and some manila tags.
When I'm not in the mood to make "something", I'll just work on a bunch of one technique. For example, the Bandanna Technique with Tim Holtz(tm)' Wrinkle Free Distress Technique. I've shown this previously, but then just stamped over it. In this case, the next step is to stamp images (flourishes are great for this!) with the Pitch Black Adirondack(r) Acrylic Paint Dabbers. the key with the dabbers is to dab the paint on, but then swipe the dabber across the stamp so that it is evenly across the stamp. Then, at my leisure, while relaxing or watching TV, I doodle...by highlighting with a white, opaque pen.

Finally, when I "need" to make something or "want" to make something, I can then add on the additional embellishments or stamps and voila! Here's a name plaque I just finished for Brian's cousin's baby Lily Rose for her first birthday. I've made a bunch of these. If any one's interested, email me and I can talk about making custom for presents!
The key to doing the "creative" stuff when you have the time and can just have fun...that's what it's all about. Then, you've got what you need to put it all together when the pressure's on! Homework assignment: try this with a technique...whether just doing this technique, watercolor, painting with Perfect Pearls(tm), enjoy and experiment! Let me know how you do!

I'm still tallying for the contest...make sure you have your online friends email and tell me who sent them!
Wrinkle Free Hugs,



Lulu said...

Hi Robin - Neith Juch sent me! The art is amazing!

Barb B said...

Where can I find instructions for the bandana technique you are using for the backgrounds? Love your art on this project! I just got a new set of swirl stamps from Impression Obsession and I want to try them with some kind of watercolor background. kybarb

Anonymous said...

hi there robin came over from the darkroom (rachel greig) absolutely love what i found here.

chrisinthecity said...

Hi Robyn, Rachel Greig sent me. I never seem to have bits to just whizz up a card. So many stamps, paints etc so little time. Love your artwork.

Jodie said...

Hi Robin, Rachel (The Darkroom)sent me, love your work.

Lizscraps said...

puggin away for neith I am :)
wonderful jewelry too.

sandra said...

Hi there Robin popped straight over from Rachel Gregi's blog. Love the artwork, will have to visit more often. Sandra

Cathy said...

The darkroom knows who ROCKS! So here I am drooling on my keyboard over all your creations. Thanks for a chance.

Samantha Buse' said...

Hi Robin, Rachel Greig sent me over to visit your amazing site, she said it was filled with inspiration and she wasn't wrong, awesome. Samantha B

Anonymous said...

Hi, I came over from the darkroom!! Love the naked man stamp, well nearly naked!!! got to have him!

mallons2002@yahoo.com.au said...

hay there robin

have jumped across from rachels site, she has the fabest taste in art, once again she proves this by leading me here ya


Tamara said...

Whenever I'm in the mood to create something without a specific project in mind I do a card or six.

I love all the background bits, lovely rustic colour combos.

Wendy said...

GEEZ.........do you ever sleep??? WAY cool work.

As someone FAMOUS once said...
"You suck, in a good way"! HA!

LOVE it!!! GREAT gift idea!!
ps..I sent myself!

kathy said...

loving the bandana technique.....can't wait to try that one!!!

thanks soooo much,

hamblinj said...

This soldering is stunning - bit out of my realms of comprehension at the moment - just want to do some neat stamping - still learning.

I must thank Rachel Greig for suggesting we look at this blog!


Jean said...

Hi--I just saw your stunning stamped wall hanging--you are amazing from A to Z!!! with a GEE at the end!!! :)

is there some sort of contest going on which I am missing? -- I want to WIN! you rule!

Margot Potter said...

Ms. Beam

You are rockin' the daily posts my friend!

My readers are willfull and ornery like me, therefore they never do as I ask them to.

Darn them to heck.


Tammy L. Browning-Smith, J.D., LL.M said...

You're my hero - a blog a day....

JeanM said...

Wow that is totally awesome!!

Josie said...

I love the soldered plaque and the those papers are great. It's amazaing what you can build with some glass and a soldering gun.

Ijsbeer said...

I got sent here from rachel grieg's blog. I don't know if we can comment on the previous posts so I'll just sum it all up here. I am glad I found your blog. You make really great things.

I love your collection of non tradtional stamps. Very fun. I cannot imagine why the winner would want the tradtional ones.

The remember decads pendant you posted is beautiful!

Thanks for sharing your techinique today. What you made looks so cool. Hope to be able to make something as nice one day.

Hope you have a lovely weekend:)

Tami said...

Gorgeous technique. I love the white pen part that really makes it pop. Great name project that you used them on.

CAKVD said...

This is beautiful!!!
Cheryl KVD

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous stuff! Your work is amazing.

Have a great day!

P.S. Kriss Cramer sent me your way.

liannallama said...

what gorgeous cards and plaque! Great technique!

ScrappyMuse said...

I have been off the comp for the last couple of days. I got diagnosed with bronchitis. But I came on to see who won and BTW, I love that project at the end of the post. Hugs, Liz MOCHA

Anonymous said...

Love your site and especially the name plaque I would love to make a couple for my grand babies. Can you share the instructions?

Club Scrapper

Kitchen Sink Stamps said...

ok... so I am a year late! ...just incredible! :D

Anonymous said...

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