Monday, October 15, 2007

Drumroll, please! Oh, and Marmalade

Happy Monday, everyone...and look, it's almost over! Sorry I didn't get a chance to post sooner. It's been non-stop since Tim came into town. Running around, getting ready for Ranger U, figuring out the 2008 education schedule. Always an adventure.
I had such a fun weekend with Nadine and Moxie; Sunday we headed out to Newark Liberty Airport to pick up Mr. Tim. He was right on time (yay!) and it was off to NYC! Nadine lived in "the City" at one time and I've been there enough times to know that when in NYC, drive like you mean it and with attitude! We wandered around the Upper East Side (I think!?). I had the best time taking pictures of the architecture around. And it was such a beautiful day to be outside!
I definitely want to go back again to just take pictures. I have bunches more I'll share again. I just love the workmanship that went into these clocks, griffins, gargoyles...whatever they are. I adore the Art Deco nature of the Chrysler Building and the inside lobby of the Empire State Building. The pride they took in their work; I think that's why I like this industry so much, because of the pride my artful friends take in their work. It's such a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Most of all...fun!
I was also so proud to receive a wonderful little "blogger award" from Jean Yates, beader and writer extraordinaire. She gave me a Thinking Blogger Award which is now posted on my blog. Coolio!
Oh, yeah....there was a contest, huh!? I want to thank everyone for participating. I hope ya'll come back for more...I am really enjoying creating this monster! I plan on having more contests and to also set up some challenges for people to post their artwork, etc. There's so much rattling around in my head!
The winner of the contest is........(listen to the drumroll)...................
Rachel Greig!
Those Aussies knew how to comment and do those referrals for my friend! You MUST check out the darkroom. She is also so talented as a stamper, too (brat!). If you ever meet her, please ask her to say, "marmalade". That whole thing is Tim's fault, but I love to call her that anyway. If you also ever meet her, or maybe she'll note it on her blog (unless she has already!?)...ask her about the "That's so Easy" button. It's a scream.
Okay, Miss Marmalade, email me...I'll be sure to send the stamps to you and use fun postage stamps for your kids. Inquiring minds want to know: Traditional or Non-Traditional!?
Thanks again to everyone! This is going to be a crazy week and late nights, so I may not be able to post as much this week, but I've got so many things to share! Enjoy!
Marmalade Hugs,


Rachel Greig said...

Oh Miss Beam - you're a scream! :) How can I go past the man in his dick-stickers! (you DO call them that in the states, right!!?? LOL) So let's go with the non-traditional, and I'll see how distressed I can get him!!

And I did promise my blog readers that I'd share the stamps with them too, so I'll pass them on to someone else when I'm done! I think this could be a traveling exhibition of sorts!

Woo hoo - getting new stamps to play with: 'That was easy'! ;)

Kriss said...

Congrats Rachel!

Wendy said...

Congrats Rachel!!!

And to you MS ART GODDESS...
SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin Beam said...

Uh, "dick stickers"? NO, sorry, Miss marmalade, what the.....?

Can't wait to see what you do!

Congrats, R.

Rachel Greig said...

Um, okayyyy, must only be Aussie slang then for swimmers that stick to the 'you know what'... let's call them speedo's then :) LOL (blush!) hehe.

OK, I'm out of the gutter now.... !!!

Thanks again!!

Tammy L. Browning-Smith, J.D., LL.M said...

Hey, did you take some molding putty for some impressions of some of that architecture! I've seen the massive amount you have :)!


inky said...


How much Mold n Pour do you think it would take to cover one of those gargoyles? hee hee