Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thank Goodness for Teamwork!

Sorry I've not been online, it's been non-stop prepping for the last Ranger U of the year. It's the Ink & Embossing one, which is really the Ink, Embossing and Paint one now, with the addition of Distress Crackle Paint(tm) and Adirondack(r) Acrylic Paint Dabbers. What makes it the best is that I get to work with Tim. Considering he works on the road and out of Arizona, it's amazing how we get the work done that we do.

There's just some people in the world that you can laugh, cry, bitch and laugh with some more. And to be able to say they are a friend and co-worker? That makes it even better. While everyone always seems to say not to make your life your job, how can you not help it when you spend the majority of your time in the office? I know I can't. It's just reality.

It's important to have someone in your life that you can rely on. Brian is that person in my everyday life, but it's Tim that's my rock when it comes to the projects that we work on together on with Ranger. We all handle different aspects of Ranger U, Ranger on the Road, Education for trade shows, etc.-most of it over the phone and via emails! He's definitely much, much, much more organized than I am in most things, but when it comes to instructions and curriculum, I'm a crazy, nitpicky person. It all evens out one way or the other.

I'm so glad that as I'm here tonight, ready to crash with 100% of set up of Ranger U curriculum done! Tomorrow morning I do the running around to get the last minute food and odds and ends together, and Tim will finish up the physical set up.

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." Andrew Carnegie

Thanks, Tim!

Also, check out Tim's new video on his website on Grungeboard(tm). Enjoy!

Inky Hugs to all, Robin


Margot Potter said...

Ms. Beam

Ranger U ROCKS! I had so much fun. You guys are the perfect team.

Have a blast! Eat some chocolate for me!

Ms. Potter

Kriss said...

I loved the Ranger U courses I attended. The participants are in for a great weekend! You and Tim are the super-heroes of instructors. Have fun!

Tammy L. Browning-Smith, J.D., LL.M said...

Robin -

If you keep putting pictures up of people like that...people might think you are hanging out with unsavory characters :)!!!!!!

Seriously, I'm thrilled you have help and that you are enjoying yourself - your deserve JOY in your job!