Monday, October 1, 2007

Foofy Toes...are you smiling yet?

Isn't this just the funniest and cutest picture? This is the pawsitude of Miss Moxie...well, really, Moxie, the puppy upper of my friend Nadine. I finally got to meet Moxie yesterday. We had a play date! Nadine wanted to learn soldering and I had to make some new frames for gifts , so she drove the 1-1/2 hours down from NY to NJ with her furry friend. I went to Petsmart ahead of time to get toys (hey, I know how to be a suck up with kids and animals).

She was the happiest and smiliest of Golden Retrievers (or any other dog). I think she actually has dimples! She loved all the new toys, but the cats' as well...go figure. When Moxie first came bounding in, Minnie was under the end table and froze, making me think of Jurassic Park (if you don't move the T-Rex won't see you!) Who knows where Oliver went, but Moxie kept sniffing under my couch, knowing there was something there. Needless to say, between the fun of teaching on Saturday and the Creative Fun on Sunday, I'm a happy girl today. How can you not be every time you see those foofy toes???? It looks like Nadine foiled and highlighted the "tween" toe fur. (okay, Nadine...what IS the deal with that?) Brian got a chance to also meet Moxie and Nadine in the fur and flesh and of course we went to All Seasons and had a nice dinner. As we got home, Nadine could see through the front bay window that Moxie was on the couch, probably with the cats underneath whispering, "when is this big furry thing going to leave??" (no fear, they're fine!).

Brian teases me about my constant reference to Cuteoverload and little does he know, I also now check out "I can has Cheezburger?" (please, it's supposed to be grammatically horrendous, but it's worth the pictures!). But it has become such solace for me...whenever I'm having a crazy day, I go to those sites and just feel better....they say there's therapy with animals? I truly believe it...Enjoy...oh, by the way, here's Miss Moxie:My plan for the next few days is to post some painterly techniques, Kitty style!

Foofy Hugs, Robin


Tammy L. Browning-Smith, J.D., LL.M said...

Hey...the dog made it out alive with some sort of embellishment on it...WOW!!!!! If you don't move in Robin's house - you'll have ink, beads or something on you.

I think Oliver and Minnie need a new permanent drooler friend - go to petfinders.com and look for one. That's where I go to cheer up - all those babies who need homes and they are SO cute!


Margot Potter said...

Aw, how cute! Goldens are the best dogs. I sure wish I could have one.

Are you coming to see the show?!


Michelle McGee said...

Hey, tell Nadine I said hi!

When I'm in town, you'll have to teach me some soldering!

I forgot about cuteoverload... thanks for the reminder!