Monday, October 8, 2007

Pressure, what Pressure!?

Wowee kazowee!!! What a difference a day and some stamps make! I'm so pleased about the new visitors to the blog...now what the heck do I do? Oh, yeah, that's right! Show some more, fun stuff!
I had a great day...one of my good friends and former co-workers, Danielle and her husband, Dan just added to their 3 dog family with a 2 legged wonderful, baby boy! Kieran Lorien-cute as a button, just like his parents! I got to hold him and we had quite the talk...not even a day old and he was pipping and squeaking along. It makes you truly appreciate how precious life is and to appreciate what you have. Which is something I try to do everyday, in one way or another. Coming home to all of these wonderful comments makes me appreciate what I do more everyday.
Just a reminder, for the contest: Just have all of your friends check the site and COMMENT everyday and make sure they tell me who sent them! I'm tallying the points, and the lucky winner will receive this stash of stamps. I've got tons more to give away, so this is the start of what will likely be some fun contests in the future.
Miss Wendy, my new buddy, whom I cannot wait to meet in, as she has noted on her countdown, (10 days until Ranger U), has asked me to show some of my recent soldered jewelry. It's funny how things come around again. About 10 years ago a very talented woman by the name of Kristen Powers taught a class called, "The Glass Myth", where she cut glass and put art underneath it and soldered around it. I took the class and she gave me permission to be able to teach it. As is no surprise, I just loved it and actually took an "official" stained glass class and made some fun pieces, including a glass box, a frame and a window hanging. It was such a blast. Now, years later, with Ranger's Memory Glass, (which at the moment Ranger is not shipping due to overseas issues, but it'll be back soon!), I got back into the soldering groove. With some guidance on what updated equipment to buy (Thanks, Kate!), I was off to the races again. There are some very talented people out there. Check out Josie Cirincione's site and her classes if you're in the AZ area. I've also been starting to teach again and can be contacted regarding same. Here's some of my newest pieces, which one of these days I'm going sell on Etsy.
This is just a simple 1" square with Crackle Paint and my Bandanna Technique. The stamps are from Maya Road and the "remember decades" are Tim's Distressables. Of course, nothing's better than adding Swarovksi Crystals! Since this is hanging from a chain, it can flip to the opposite side, so the trick is to have a design on the other side-then you don't have to worry about it being on the "wrong" side!

Here's another one. Again with the Crackle Bandanna Technique, but I used the wavy tape. I love the Distress Faded Jeans color...just like jeans, it goes with just about anything! I soldered these on a diagonal with two chains...these won't "spin"!

What counts is to have fun in what you create. I can never say that enough. My favorite thing to say is that if you make something for someone and they say something about it, such as "that's crooked", well, then they just don't get another one! :-) It's all about the journey-"The Journey is the reward" (Chinese Proverb).

Well, ladies and gentlemen (I know there are some out there reading, I hope!), thanks for the thoughtful comments. I'll do my best to keep you laughing or at least smiling!

Journey on!


inky said...


Cripes, I'm glad you're my mentor! You're a genius!


Anonymous said...

I just found you via the ranger board. Great work. Maybe you will inspire me to learn to solder (I have all the stuff). I've wanted to venture off into it for a long time now but since I don't do anything halfway I know I'll have to have all the "stuff" that goes with it. I'm a paper artist so surely I won't have to buy much! Ha!

Margie H said...

Robin! Didn't know you had a blog until I read Miss Wendy's post on the RangerInkMB! So excited that I get a chance to peek into your creative mind through your blog :0)
MargieH in Chicago

Wendy said...

I LOVE the soldered pieces!!! I KNOW I'll be bringing one (or more)..home with me.

Now tell us exactly which tools of the trade you recommend. Any features we need to look for?? I'd LOVE to take a soldering class from you!

VERY inspiring!!

Margot Potter said...


I love soldering. It's such fun. The BQOTU necklace you made for me and the name you did are both amazing. You're da bomb.

Hopefully some of my peeps will come say wassup? Or something like that.


Tammy L. Browning-Smith, J.D., LL.M said...

How do you do the bandana technique????

And a blog a day...you're my hero! And don't forget - Marguerite referred me!


ScrappyMuse said...

I hope to one day attech ranger U. I think I might apply next year. I would love to take the perfect pearls class.

Anyways, I am posting on day 3 of the win a stamp LOL. I love the non traditional set.

Hugs, Liz MOCHA

Fran said...

Love the site, was referred by Elziabeth Farrell and love it. Can't wait to try some of the techniques.
Fran Indrathaher

Michelle Rout said...

Robin...your pieces are beautiful! I think you should bring some to Prescott to sell in December! And what is this crackle bandanna technique??

=) Michelle R.

Marsha Petty said...

Hi Robin!
Marsha Petty here - met you at a Club Scrap Retreat in '02! So glad to hear about this site - from NEITH!!! I'll be back!

Lizscraps said...

another ver cool set of stamps to chooose from
best of luck to the winning point getter.

Cathy said...

The darkroom sent me your way. Wow your jewerly is just to die for. You are one talented person! Thanks for a chance.

Tamara said...

oo..that Distress Faded Jeans colour is perfect! Must get me some of that!

hamblinj said...

The more I read, the more interested I become. Would so love to get to some really good classes. I live in Outback Australia about 600km west of Sydney so very limited in what I can do.

Glad I get to talk to Rachel Greig sometimes for advice and inspiration!

cheers again

kathy said...

these jewels are beautiful.......going to try them today!

thanks for your inspiration!


(jen sent me!)

SusanH said...

I love!!!!! your soldered pieces - I have got to go take a class. They're beautiful!

I got so excited I don't remember how I found you (but I'm sure glad I did!)

CAKVD said...

This site is so cool. I love your creations!
Cheryl KVD

Anonymous said...

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