Saturday, September 29, 2007

Yeah, Yeah, I know...a "few' stamps...still!

What a day yesterday! 7:00 a.m. drive to Staten Island; meet a ScraPink crop to welcome everyone, offer a grand prize of a full set of Tim Holtz(tm) Distress Crackle Paint(tm) by Ranger Industries and do a meet and greet. 8:45 a.m. drive back to N.J. to meet MOCHA-the Monmouth/Ocean County, NJ Stamp Club, where I taught a Crackle Paint Bandanna Frame Class. It was a great day; organized and fun-I saw women that I've not seen or stamped with in years! Thanks, ladies!

When I was asked to teach, they were meeting not far from my house, so I offered that the members could invade my stamp stash.

You have to realize I've been stamping for over 14 years, and about 12 of that has been teaching and submitting projects and BUYING stamps! Since I've been with Ranger, to make samples, teach classes, etc. I have to be current. I can't teach or create samples with outdated stamps or from companies that are not around anymore. So...I need to part with them. It's a difficult thing, as I've got attachments to many of these little wooden and rubber gems! Believe it or not, I remember where I'd purchased them, the companies they're from, when I've used them....they're a part of me...but now it's time to share them with others that have the time to play with them!

I had about 20 women attack my garage with a vengeance, and did they have fun rooting through my old papers and stamps. In the end, another dent was made in my "rubbah", and the ladies were AWESOME because they neatened the stamps back up again and placed them back and my garage. So here's what I still have....mind you, if I had my way, I'd wouldn't give away any of them, but I'm trying to be realistic and lighten my load so I can concentrate on moving forward!

It's such a great day today, windows open, nosy Oliver sitting in the window and it's going to be an artful day of fun and friends. I hope you all have the same!

By the way, anyone want to buy some lovingly used stamps? ;-)

Stampingly yours,


Wendy said...

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rebecca said...


So glad you had a good time yesterday, you deserve it!

When are you coming out to play with Beady and I?

Love ya!

susi said...

Hi Robin! As one of the girls in your garage, just want to thank you for the class and the bargains. It was much fun. Hope to see you again. If you'd like to take a look at my blog, its susicreates.blogspot.com. Again - thanks! susi

Karen said...

You don't happen to have a bluebonnet stamp, do you? Can't seem to find one anywhere and you just may be the one that has it!

Margot Potter said...


We need a secret handshake...Inky? What do you say?!

I love stamps. I'm a secret stamp junkie. Don't tell.


Michelle McGee said...

I'm in! I'll buy!

Debba said...

Robin - you are a scream! (And you must be great to be one of Tammy's friends!) Thanks for letting her share your story on my blog - www.girlfriendology.blogspot.com.

Great blog - love the creative ideas and your passion for crafts!

Thanks for sharing! Debba Haupert

Debba said...
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Tammy L. Browning-Smith, J.D., LL.M said...

All I have to say is...Robin's Garage Rules!

Linda Beeson said...

So it sounds like we need to sit down together and TALK! Our stories are so similar on how long we have been stamping -the huge collection of stamps that we are very attached too but are no longer current and the need to do a little purging. I always said I would never get rid of stamps but have found myself changing the rules as I too realized I just can't use them in submission, etc. Love Ranger too but I still need to get my hands on that crackle paint.

Anonymous said...

Kriss C sent me. I love the site ! especially the cat book.