Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spinning Straw into Gold...or Inky Paper!

Happy Wednesday (uhm, okay, almost Thursday!)! A quick email and some updates! Tim and I have been spinning straw into gold, as Miss Margot would say, but in this case, into class kits! It's tough having to reach out to so many vendors for product. I have to say that I am extremely lucky to have such a great relationship with so many in the industry, but with everyone located all over the place, it's never enough time, even though I started to source this weeks and weeks ago, to get all the product in and orchestrated. It's finally all coming together nicely, though, with one day to spare! (Photo: Rapunzel)

Check out Absolutely Everything for their latest Email Updates...Kate's posted some tidbits and samples of the classes I'm teaching at her store Thursday, April 3-6th. If you're in the Topsfield, MA area, come by!

I was also thrilled to see that my friends at Amate Studio's Site is UP! I was pleasantly surprised to see my samples of UTEE marbleized pendants as the first photo! My friend Diana Kovacs' got her bracelet there, as well. She is so talented! And she blames me (for no reason...hee hee) for her Webkinz addiction!

I'll probably be MIA for the next week or so because I'll be in MA, but I'll be back with many stories, I am sure! I'm also thinking of a Bandanna Backgrounds Card Contest. I'll give a few more weeks of the pens getting "out there" and will come up with something...this could be a LOT of fun! I really need to do a "formal" instruction of the bandanna technique for everyone. I'll get on that, but one thing at a time!

For those that will be at the Sue Gilman event this weekend! I'm looking forward to seeing you...be ready to get inky!!!

Inky Hugs, Robin

P.S. March 29, 1962. Do the Math. Ugh!


Jean said...


Michelle McGee said...

Is tomorrow your birthday?

Happy Birthday... wish I was spending it with you!

Have fun at the show, it's a good one.

Margot Potter said...




Margot (Straw Spinner to the Stars)

Judy Hayes said...

Happy belated birthday! I hope you treated yourself & enjoyed a great day!

william wratten said...

Hey Robin...
thank you so much for the amazing classes that you and tim taught at sur gilman. i just love the bandana mamory glass(A wee bit misspelled) i just love all the ranger classes and all the ranger products. Im still on the edge of my chair for the possiblityof an internship. but i know that plens change . im trying to get my mom to take me to CHA with her but she quickly changes the topic...lol. so i hope to see you really soon. you are a wonderful teacher.. thank you for everything you have done for mean and all the advice you have given me about everything..
~will w
PS: i was just published on www.bampop.com so check it out id love to know what you think...

Ashley Newbert said...

Robin: I am one of the very lucky ladies to have been at Absolutely Everything last night... thank you SO very much for sharing your talents as we just cropped away! I look forward to following your blog and continuing to absorb!

Robyn said...

Hey your just a spring chicken!....I just wanted to stop by and say thanks so much for a great time last Monday! Anna and I had so much fun and I've washed my sweat shirt with the paint on it and got very interesting results...shoot me an e-mail when you get home and we'll talk off line. Thanks again for all you bring to our community! Looking forward to meeting again...one of those Maine girls that spells her name wrong! LOL Robyn

Absolutely Everything said...

Holy cow...Robin...you are the best!!! this is KAte and Robin was just at our store for a week...I KNOW!!!!! everything she did was artistic..had us all laughing all the time and posted a15 x 15 inch "Kate's Neighborhood" on my classroom wall, filled with chipboard, bandana technique, etc, etc...Cannot wait to have you back!!!

aa said...