Sunday, March 9, 2008

Crazy Weather Weekend and Beady Bloggers!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I made it through the rain to Rubberbuggy in the lovely Lancaster, PA area with owner and friend, Kris and her niece, Evy and I had so much fun! I also got to spend some time with Kriss Cramer, who is also quite talented and a great teacher, with a surprise visit from Inky-Rebecca Peck. Unfortunately the rain only got worse, followed by some hellacious wind (I was looking for a small house or the Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz to go flying by!) and then colder temperatures. Now we lost an hour with the "Spring Ahead" daylight savings, although I love it when it's light in the early evening! I'm getting ready for another busy week. In the meantime, enjoy the beady links from the talented group of ladies! Have a great week! (Photo Credit: Amish Buggy)
  • About.com Thinking of diving into the Etsy pool? Then you may want to take some of this excellent advice first.
  • Art Bead Scene Inspired ways to finish your designs - think of the claspossibilities!
  • Jewelry & Beading Cyndi's stuck on V-pendants, and has decided to share another way to turn them into wonderful wearable necklaces!
  • Naughty Secretary Club Think you have an amazing idea for a piece of laser cut acrylic or wood jewelry? Well Jen will be the judge of that, literally. Jen is the guest judge at the Ponoko 10 day jewelry challenge. Did we mention the $10,000 worth of prizes?
  • PearlEsq. Check out where Robin's going to be this weekend and what comes back to you from the love of making jewelry.
  • Savvy Crafter Candie shows a sweet little charm bracelet featuring, Tassels, Blossoms, and Beads, Oh Deer!
  • Snap out of it, Jean! There's beading to be done! This lovely cover is a good example of teamwork. Teamwork has been on Jean's mind lot lately. Check out the necklace Jean made for Simply Beads Magazine with a little help from her friends Lisa Kan and Green Girl Studios. Friends are truly gifts. Jean feels lucky every time she thinks about her wonderful, amazing friends!
  • The Impatient Beader (is going to Paris) Madge shows a jaunty little necklace she's sporting on her trip to the City of Lights. Yes, she's going to Paris and she's rubbing it in. Thanks a lot, Madge.


ginny said...

Did you take the amish photo, Robin? It is great. On the positive side, it was rain not snow. If you had been just a little bit more North....

Rebecca said...


It was great to see you this weekend pal!! Glad you made it home safely.

Love ya!

Linda Peterson said...

Hey Robin,

Just want to say I enjoy reading your blog. I was with Kasey at More than Memories this last weekend teaching a class. We used lots of Ranger products.

Debba Haupert tagged me....so I'm tagging you. If you want to particpate here's how. Talk to you soon! Linda

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4. Tell the 7 people you tagged by posting “Tag you’re it” on their blogs in their comments box and explain the rules to them. Nobody is obligated! Just have fun.

Kriss said...

It was so good to see you! You made quite an impression on my son. He thinks you're pretty cool, but then again, don't we all!