Monday, April 7, 2008

Absolutely Everything....truly has Absolutely Everything!!!

Hello, Everyone in Blogger Land! Boy, it was a busy week or so away, but a blast, as usual. The classes went well at Sue Gilman's Show. Thank you to all that were patient with my "gimpyness"...and to all of those that wished me the Happy Birthday Wishes. Sue was sweet enough to have birthday cake for me on Saturday evening when we were doing the Make and Takes. But wouldn't you know it, the only time I got up to go to the ladies room, THAT'S when they they brought the cake out. Murphy's Law, as usual!

By the end of Monday, I packed up my car and followed Kate to her house, where we crashed! I took the next day off, relaxing and vegging out in front of the television. I almost felt guilty...almost! The rest of the week was a blast. I've known Kate from over the years with CHA, Sue Gilman's Show, as well as from attending Tim's Retreats. We have such fun laughing! She had always been asking me to come and teach, but the schedules did not always work out. This time it did. I was there to help her with her Bus Tour. 4-5 stores each had a bus that went all across Massachusetts. It was a chance to cross-promote one another's businesses and to see what everyone else had. While Kate has just about Absolutely Everything, there's still a few different things in some of the other stores....There were make and takes and demos at each store as well as snacks and fun.

As for the Make and Take, we had a good one with a Maya Road chipboard house coated with the new Adirondack(r) Pigment Ink, stamped with a Hero Arts stamp and pigment ink, then bandannaed with the new Inkssentials(tm) White Opaque Pen(a real shocker, huh!?). (As an

aside, check out

Roni Johnson's side-by-side comparison of some of the most popular pens....pictures tell a thousand words!). Everyone had fun with it, and once everyone got set up with the Make and Take, I headed over to another table where I had Melt Art(r) set up and proceeded to show what you can do with UTEE(tm) and Memory Frames(tm) and Amate Pendants...it was exciting to show "newbies" the world of Melt Art and now we'll be looking at when I can come back to teach again! I will be headed back to Massachusetts in about three weeks, teaching with Melt Art Jewelry, the Bandanna Technique and Pigment Inks (3 different classes, not one!) at Scrapbook Cupboard, which will also be a lot of fun!

I also taught classes...Bandanna Memory Glass, Chipboard and Background Techniques Calendar and "Birds of a Feather", which was different types of birds and tons of techniques. Kate has a great customer base and a fabulous staff. And lots of laughs, jokes and goofiness abounding. LOVE YA, KATE!

I had also come to learn that Kate has the various visiting teachers put a little of their art on her wall...and I had to come up with something! How can I compete with Laura Mika, Tim Holtz, Artgirlz, etc.? Well, with my usual silly slant on things, and since I was doing so much with chipboard, I created...tah dah!!!!!: Kate's Neighborhood. I painted the little world of sky, grass and sun with the Adirondack(r) Acrylic Paint Dabbers (which worked wonderfully on the walls, by the way!) and then pigmented, stamped and bandannaed a bunch of Maya Road houses, letters, bugs, flowers, tag and a crown (of course!). I also had a blast with a newer stamp line, Paper Relics...thanks HRH Patti Euler! I also adorned the skies with Julie Van Oosten's absolutely awesome Owls. They were part of one of my classes, but I'll share those in depth in a future blog and show off the many different owly looks that were created!

Enjoy the wall! Robin


Wendy said...

Glad you're back!!! We missed you!
Absolutely Everything sounds like a great place...think I'll go there! But...YIKES...following YOU????????? OMG!!!!!!

emily said...

I had so much fun in your class and am so inspired to try new stuff! I enjoyed your sense of humor and relaxed nature in the class...made it my own art therapy! BTW - our table "mats" that we worked on...what are they made of? Just curious for future projects...thanks!

Josie Cirincione said...

Bathrooms and Birthday cakes. At least you won't forget that one. I love the bandana look. I did the make and take at CHA and have to say, "It's the best flowing white pen I have used!" I love the Maya Road chip board cut outs. I just bought 2 boxes of the birds and trees. Of course I still haven't used them yet but I have big plans.
Best, Josie

Rachel Greig said...

Wow - you've been busy! Love all the projects!!! And a belated HAPPPYYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Michelle McGee said...

Nice seeing you...

Bernie Berlin said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!!! I'm sorry to be late, but that is me, always late:(
Speaking of, I owe you some paperwork..
Hope you had fun in Mass.
Need white pen!!
Will talk to you on Monday, demoing all weekend in Chicago.
Big HUGS!!!
Woofie Girl and her puppy buds

Mona Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time Miss Robin! Glad you are back home safe and sound. :)

Linda at Make It Mine Mag said...

Love the art--so joyful.