Thursday, March 13, 2008

Through the Looking Glass...with Memory Glass!

Happy Thursday, everyone! While I don't usually provide "official" Ranger information, this was too exciting to not pass on. Inkssentials(tm) Memory Glass(tm) is now back in stock. Yay!!!!! There had been some issues as to the size consistency of the glass so they would always fit into the frames. This has been resolved and the new glass is in. You'll notice that it is a touch smaller than the 1", 1-1/2" and 2" square and 1" x 3" sizes, but that's to accommodate placing your collage/image between the glass and it be able to comfortably fit it into the Memory Frame and close completely.

I tested 'em all out and gave the A-OK! of course, I still have them sitting on my desk, and have not taken pictures of them...I'll try and get that done.

For those not totally familiar with how to use the Memory Glass and Frames, it is microscope quality glass, thinner than "window glass", so lighter. It also has ground sides and corners so no sharp edges! That's one thing I hate about cutting my own glass, because I would always get wonderful cuts from small glass slivers. The frames are pre-fabricated, metal frames that that the glass fits into, with a soldered ring on it (the 1" frames have 2 rings!) for hanging on a necklace as a pendant or for charms; you can also use transparencies, rub-ons, photos, you name it!
If you don't try and make a "Dagwood Sandwich" of paper and embellishments, you can make some wonderful collages to give as gifts or to wear yourself if you're not inclined to learn how to solder. It's definitely a simple way to create wonderful jewelry in no time!
I've provided some great close-up pictures (I lucked out with my camera on this day) of how to open and close the Memory Frames. There's a tab that fits into the slit in the side of the frame. When flipping open the tab, don't go crazy, just a slight flick of the tab is all that's needed. Add in your art, sandwich between the glass, then slide the tab back into the slit and you're done. Sometimes, if you're collage is thicker, just use one piece of glass. The more you work with them, the more you get to "know" what fits and what doesn't.
Close-up of how far to open the tab.
How to replace tab in place after adding artwork and glass.
Close-up of how to close it!
You'll find that the newest 1" size of Memory Glass is thicker than the other sizes. The thought behind that is this size will probably used more in bracelet design and it will be less likely to break...trust me, I'm the poster child for "will that break"? If I can't break it, you know that it probably won't for you.

I'll be sure to share more ideas for uses with Memory Glass. Hmmmm...maybe a contest down the line? I love to spotlight Memory Glass in classes because it's a wonderful way to teach a bunch of techniques on a smaller scale...so you learn more, and then get to show it off! How can you go wrong?

In the next few weeks, check with your local stores and online sites...Memory Glass and Frames are shipping-all sizes!
I'd love to see what you've created-please share!
Inky Hugs, Robin


Valonda L. said...

YEAH!!!!! I can't even tell you how glad I am to hear that. I had to postpone a class since I couldn't get my hands on the Memory Glass or Frames. Time to put it back on the schedule. Any idea when they will be reaching retailers?

Robin Beam said...

Valonda: Email me privately and I'll see what I can find out! :-) Robin

claudine hellmuth said...

love these!! the lil birdy one is my fav! I am still wearing the necklace you made!!!

Rachel Greig said...

Love these Robin :):)

Linda Cain said...

Terrific, I love these, Robin!

Luke said...
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Candie said...

Great pendants and love the one on the poly-chain. Looks really good. I've also worn my necklaces you made a kagillion times! THANKS AGAIN for those! I get so many compliments on them.

dime store daze said...

I can tell you first hand that these new ones are great Robin taught them at TT a few weeks ago to rave reviews.

Jen Crossley said...

They look amazing Love the Little bird one as well

Kriss said...

You jewelry is so beautiful. I love seeing it each and every time.

Jean said...

I am changing my name to "rean" from jean" so I can get that top pendant from you!!! I love it!!!

you do such beautful work, Robin!

Michelle McGee said...

Thanks for the information, Robin...

Can you tell me how small of a photo you used on that one with Lifetime Inspire on it?