Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Momacita Birthday Hugs

Happy March 11, everyone! Today's my mom's birthday. I did the usual call to the birthday celebrator with my requisite rendition of "Happy Birthday to You." When I call my one sister and she sees that it is me, rather than saying "hello", she says, "don't sing." Which is all the more reason for me to sing louder and more out of key than usual.

I have a "cool" mom. She is in awesome shape, due to her always being busy doing something around the house and her daily walks at the boardwalk. She loves the beach; she is a true "beach bum!" My parents just returned from a couple of months in Florida and now she's so looking forward to the beach. Once it gets the least bit warm, don't be surprised if she's down there with a windbreaker stopping any cold breeze, working on her tan!

My mom is never shy about what she wants for her birthday, Mother's Day or Christmas...a Chico's gift certificate is all she needs. She deserves it, raising 3 daughters and taking care of things at home while my dad at times worked up to 3 jobs! She also worked as a secretary for the school system, just recently retiring only a few years ago. Growing up, since we lived near the beach, we really never went away or did the "travel across America" type of thing. When my dad took vacation, that meant Dad came to the beach with us and Mom didn't cook, but went out for dinner!
My Mom turns 70 today, which I can't believe...in fact, when my 8 year old niece called to wish her Happy Birthday today, my mom swears that when she told her that she was turning "Seven-oh", "Seventy", that my niece responded, "that's a bitch!" ROFL! We laughed so hard at this and my mom made me swear not to tell my sister until she got to tell her! See? A cool mom. Thanks Mom-for everything! Love ya!
If you can, give your mom a call or a hug or think some good Mommy thoughts today!


Wendy said...

Love, wendy

Anonymous said...

hey another member of the "Chico's" club. I love it! Happy birthday to your mom.

Cherylynn said...

How cool! I call my Birthday Celebrities and sing Happy Birthday to them and get the exact same response! We should have a contest to see who can do the most offkey version of Happy Birthday!

Rebecca said...


a. You look like your mom. Same cheekbones and cute smile.
b. Today is my mom's bday too, and she is also a cool mom!

How weird is that?

Love ya!

Rachel Greig said...

wow - you look like your Mum!!! Happy birthday Mum!! I too sing to people on the phone, and if I get the answering machine - well I just keep going and going and going until the darn thing cuts me off!! As loud as I can :):):)

Stacey said...

Your mom is beautiful! I hope she has a wonderful day. :)

dime store daze said...

My Mom turned 80 this past Saturday... March is a great month for MOMs..
Happry Birthday to your MOM.

Jen Lowe said...

You have your mom's eyes. Just looking at her photo made me smile! Happy Birthday Mom!

Paper Patti said...

How funny. I thought I was unique, but I guess not. Add me to the list of off-key crooners.