Monday, September 10, 2007

This is Robin on Her Computer...

Computers are a savior and are the bane of my existence. I wish I had one when I was in college! I remember the craziness of having to write papers with footnotes on a typewriter...even the ones with "memory"...not like the beauty of a Word Document.

This is an emblem for a shirt from a company called Computer Gear http://computergear.com. I've purchased a few shirts for Brian with appropriate verbiage: "No, I will not fix your computer." or "Insufficient Memory Installed." I will be the first to say that while I can type like a wild woman, I am definitely not savvy when it comes to computers. That's where Brian is a computer "God", as he has probably taught me the most regarding my computer and what to do and not to do. He explains things in "human" terms. But that's my home computer. My work computer, well that's another thing. All of a sudden my Microsoft Outlook wasn't working correctly. I rely on a lot of my filed emails for so many things-when I don't have access, UGH! It's almost back to working order now due to our computer tech's work on it this weekend (Thanks, Scott!), abut he has to come back to do more.

I'm a pack rat-I admit it. At home, my office and on my computer. Brian says read it and delete it! I can't do that! Maybe it's lawyer-make-sure-there-is-a-paper-trail in me, or the "CYA" mentality...either way, I needed to clean out my old emails, which I did...I purged, and it did feel good! If I need something, I can always rely on someone else's pack rat mentality...

On the crochet front, I'm almost through my second skein of yarn and realize that I need more. Luckily the stores near me have it (I wiped out Wal-mart of the 3 skeins they had!) and I can get my back-up yarn later this week. It has moved up from snake to scarf; it will soon turn into a "throw" and behold, will soon actually look like a blanket. I crocheted my little heart out Saturday and Sunday nights, watching the Blue Planet series of shows on the "Deep Sea"...unbelievable footage! It's funny when sitting in bed, pillows abounding me to allow me to sit up, how I slowly end up almost supine, suddenly thinking, "How'd I end up like this?", having to readjust again. I'm sure NO ONE knows what I'm talking about! (yeah, right)

Crochetingly yours,


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