Monday, September 3, 2007

Remember the First Days of School?

Well, so far, so good! Thanks for the encouragement. I know that it's the crazy time of year for those with kids. Since I don't have kidlets, I just feel the pain for you and then go home (only teasing). I just remember how the littlest thing was the be all and end all of the universe. My poor Mom-the calls to her, devastated that I left home: my lunch, or lunch money, or homework, or (OMG!) my gym suit. Those of you who know what a gym suit is, welcome to my world-the closest thing in the latter 20th Century to wearing bloomers, I swear!
As a "grown-up", I would kill for those worries and not the ones I live with now...what bills to pay? Can I get this done? What do I do with my life? Hell, I'd wear those bloomers for those days again (although with my 5th grade figure please).
To all of those with kids (1) in school; (2) getting ready for school, (3) all or none of the above, enjoy the moment!


rebecca said...

Ah yes, the lovely one piece, elastic in the waist, front-zip gym suit, with the red and white-striped top and red bottoms. I remember it well (and not fondly either)! Thansk for the back-to-school wishes!

Margot Potter said...

The gym suit, ick. I hated that thing! Ours was kelly green with stripes! Quel horreur!

Robin said...

Ours was a dark blue...OMG! NOT STRIPES!

Kriss said...

Mine was blue short with a gold shirt and our school mascot on it. I think I wore that thing from 7th grade the whole way to 12th. There was no elastic left in those shorts when I pitched them.