Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy Labor Day...laboring with this blog thing

Welcome, welcome! I've had so many people ask me if I had a blog, would I start a blog and if not, why not? Well, with the urging of many, most specifically the marvelous Margot Potter, "self-proclaimed Bead Queen of the Universe(tm)" http://margotpotter.com/ and Jen Starr, Inky Scrapbooker Extraordinaire, http://jenstarrdesigns.com/ here I go!

I've enjoyed the weekend so far by having fun working on some of my projects. There's been lots of things going on; it never seems to end, but there was time to create. I was just at Beadfest in PA and purchased some new beads from the wonderfully talented Joan Miller http://joanmiller.com/; I was determined to get some new knotted necklaces done, and here it is.

I've also been creating some new soldered pieces. There's a new solder that I'm really having fun working with. A designer of some awesome pieces told me what she was using, assuring me I would have better success, and I have. It seemed odd that I had to order it from CA to get solder that comes from NJ! Go figure. It's called DGS Lead-Free Solder from Canfield.
Enjoy your day off on Monday. I know I will. It goes so quickly, but we're coming upon my second favorite time of year...autumn, first in line is spring...
Inky Hugs,


Margot Potter said...


I am leaving your first comment. Hee!

Beautiful work, I need that solder, fabulous beads...

Happy Labor Day!

Love and kisses,

Robin said...

Thanks so much, Margot! You are my bloggy muse!

xo, Robin

rebecca said...

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! A Robin Beam blog, complete with cute cat picture! Killer title, perfect for ya! Hmmm, to celebrate, I think you should randomly award tht gorgeous necklace to the second commenter on your blog - oh, that would be me!! Yay me!

Seriously, it's about damn time! Can't wait to read more and see more pics of all the incredible work you do!

Love ya!