Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rocking Chairs and Life...Go Figure

I'm on the internet a lot for work...really! I'm always checking sites out, sourcing companies and being the more or less "official" instruction checker outer of the office, I am always trying to be as specific as can be in citing sources. I'm quite the stickler on that, as the Design Team we had this year at Ranger can attest. For anyone out there that thinks it doesn't really matter...it does! Just imagine...whether sending in a project for an article, submission for a book, website or class. People want EXACTLY what you are showing...no close calls, thank you! It's worth it to do the search and get the item number. How happy would a store owner or manufacturer be (especially with stamps) when a consumer has the item number...instead of...."well, it's a flower...maybe it's a tulip, but may not be, and it may be by this company or...". You get the picture. For those not familiar in the rubber stamp realm, to say you want a, for example, Hero Arts http://heroarts.com flower image...well, go onto their site or just google "Hero Arts Flower Stamp"...I dare you! You'll see!

Well, as usual, I digress...in my sourcing I came across a company that I used to buy (and still have) tons of their stamps when they did wholesale to stamp stores-Viva Las Vegastamps! http://stampo.com. Some crazy images, some awesome people images, but the best sayings...snarky as all hell-I was checking out directions yesterday and saw their site and was happy to see that Stampo's still around...so I grazed a bit through his catalog (note that if you had it mailed to you, it's over 10 lbs or something insane like that!), and found the following saying, which just struck me as soooo funny and so true. It didn't have an author, which is another persnickety thing...going back to the give credit where credit is due!, and I again googled and found the author is Stephen Wright...it's no surprise why it was so profoundly droll and funny. I just wanted to share it with you! Happy Tuesday, R.


Margot Potter said...


I know exactly how that feels!

I'm a stickler for sources too. It does matter. People want the exactly same thing, which can be a quite tricky with beads, but I strive.


Rachel Greig said...

LOL - makes me want to go rock in a rocking chair right away!:)

Hope you're feeling better.


Tammy L. Browning-Smith, J.D., LL.M said...

Giving credit where credit due is important. However...it won't get you out of infringement if you don't have permission. It can go along way though to make things better and its such a simple thing to do! You go girl!