Friday, January 25, 2008

Left Knee, Right Knee, Whi-knee!?

Hello everyone in Bloggy Land! Sorry I've been under the radar of late. It's been so crazy, as you know I've been going on about. For those that don't know me I'm not the skinniest of Minnies in the world and from my running and running around I ended up with a torn medial meniscus to my left knee a few years ago. I'd never really had any surgery before and have not had kids, so when it comes to pain, I'm not the best in dealing with it. Needless to say, did I feel pain in 2006 when I was at a CKU and tore it when I was getting up to get someone some ribbon (real rigorous task!). Subsequently arthroscopic surgery in October 2006, with wonderful results.

Thus, after the insanity of last week, when my RIGHT knee started up, I didn't take any chances. I kept it elevated and iced for a few days...boy did that make the difference. Also had to deal with insurance and finding in-network doctors v. out-of-network doctors. Don't get me started on that. You really have to be of a certain patience and mentality (and possible sainthood) to try to decipher all of the insurance gobbledy-gook. In the end, I saw a very good orthopedist, have an MRI on Tuesday and follow up appointment on Thursday. In the interim, I still have lots to do, but in better moderation, right? Famous last words.

I figured I'd give everyone at least one sneak peek at a card that I made. It's not the most squared off photo in the world, but you get the picture. I love this "Ornate Circle" stamp from B Line Designs. Bev and Bob Seymour are just the nicest couple and as I've said before, make the most beautiful stamps. I hear they're going to have a bunch of new ones out at the CHA Show. Yeeha! I made some masks and used the various colors of Archival to create the look of a bunch of circles! The key to creating a mask is to cut the image just a touch smaller than the image is. By cutting outside of the border of an image and trying to mask it, a "halo" will still be there. By undercutting just a small amount, when you mask it, it will truly look like these were dropped into a pile. Years ago I created a sample that I wish I still had. I took a large Kodachrome slide image with various different images inside of them and masked them for a card. I was going crazy with the mask in a mask, but when it was done, it was worth it! I can't remember off the top of my head who the quote belongs to, but isn't it a great one!?

Well, I've got to finish up a bunch of photography, and tomorrow is Brian's Birthday-Happy Birthday, Brian! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



Wendy said...

You poor baby!!!!! Geez, I sure hope you heal quickly! LOTS of mandatory walking in just 2 weeks!
GREAT card, as usual. YOU have the patience of a saint.
Don't get me started on insurance companies...they don't play nice. Maybe we should double-team them!
Have a great weekend & HBD to Brian!!

dime store daze said...

Hi Robin,
I know the pain I had that in both knees, the surgery BTW was a breeze I was back at work in 2 days and I have never felt that type of pain again. The pain I did feel is my insurance company didn't cover a large part of it.
I hope you feel better

Rubberbuggy said...

I love the card - I have that saying stamp,too! I think mine is by PaperBagStudios...maybe.

Take care of that knee - maybe Oliver could give it some fuzz therapy?

ciao for now,

Oh - Happy Birthday Brian!

Rachel Greig said...

Ohhh Robin, sorry to hear about your knee!! My brother has had probs with his knees and has some surgery in the past, and bounced back quite well. I hope you do the same. Our medical insurance isn't as crazy as the US, so hope that side of things doesn't cause you more pain than the knee!!

Love the card! :)


Margot Potter said...

Miss Robin

What a cool card! I love that stamp. I'm becoming a stamp fiend.

I am so happy to hear you're feeling better, I was worried about you.


Miss Margot

tbsiplaw said...

Robin -

As wild as Oliver is, you could train him to be your "Cat Assistant" so he could go and get everything for you...HA HA HA!

Please take care of yourself and order a scooter for CHA!

Big Get Well Hugs!

Michelle McGee said...

Love that card... really, really cool... I'll have to try that...

HB to BB!

ginny said...

Beautiful card, Robin...as always, my friend.

Jean said...

Dear Robin: I meant to stop by here, before, and say "FEEL BETTER"!!! I know how painful and hard this is for you. The way you wrote this entry, you sound very determined and brave and I am proud to know you. I really want you to get all better fast. Please know I am thinking of you and sending you lots of loving thoughts!

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