Monday, January 7, 2008

Appreciating the Little Things, Purry Style

In my effort to be on the "positive" this year, I thought from time to time I'd detour from artsy things. Take it or leave it...but hopefully just think about it. Is there something that happens in your everyday, many times mundane hours and minutes of your day that you can sit back for a moment, smile about, and appreciate? If this thing wasn't part of your daily routine, would you miss it?

For me it's the silly little routine that occurs, of all times, in my shower routine every morning. I have a sliding shower door, with "frosted" type glass, so you can see shapes through it (god forbid you could see me-ugh!). At some point during my shower, a large shadow appears on my sink vanity. It's Oliver. At one time, the cutest little stripey tiger tabby, now a fat ass (13 lbs), but still my sweet and wonderfully marked kitty boy of 4 years. He sits on the counter, waiting for me to get out of the shower.
As soon as I open the door and grab a towel, he looks all around at the steam emanating from behind the shower and then begins to chatter endlessly at or to me (or maybe the steam?). I answer him, saying things like "Really?", "No way!", etc. He then, of course because I'm wet and vulnerable, wants me to pet him...a perfect fur magnet target I am...usually once I'm all dried off, I will carefully comb him (love that Furminator comb!) and he sometimes will then stop the chatter, either slump into the sink for a moment, allowing me to finish, but usually, comes the second part of the routine...
As I turn to fold the towel back into the rack, he then jumps down and lays out on the bath/tub mat, belly up. I will either crazily scratch his belly or momentarily roll him up into the mat until he has had enough and runs out. I can then finish up my morning rituals of getting ready, as he knows when I come out of my bedroom again, it will be to the kitchen to feed him and his sister, Minnie.

It is a funny thing that I think I had taken for granted, but now realize that he has made this "our" time of the day for commiserating. It does make me laugh and is a good start of the day. Thus, when I leave the house for the office, it's usually with a smile on my face. Not a bad thing at all...! Thanks, Oliver!
If you have something to share-small things in your everyday that make you smile, I'd love to hear it!

Purry Hugs,


purplejaimie6419 said...

Oliver must be related to my new cat Bruce.Aside from the chattering,I get the same morning routine! How funny.Right down to the rolling on the rug.One of these days I will learn how to upload pictures from my dig camera ( i just got it for Xmas )I now have 6 kitties sharing my home.We just adopted 3 more from the shelter before Xmas.Looking forward to the Triple Crown at Paper- Potomus,see you there!

Rachel Greig said...

That's so cute Robin! I don't have cats, but I have kids who often come bursting through the door in the bathroom... somehow it's not quite as cute and cuddly as Oliver would be!! LOL.

Absolutely Everything said...

Robin, I read your blog every day...I love that you write so much...you are inspiring me to get going more on mine...just need to get this icky inventory over with!!

Cecile Nichols said...

Robin, I loved reading the story of your morning rituals with your precious friend! It makes a nice start to my day too! Those little treasures are so important!

Jean said...

I love this story! Oliver is so sweet!
My Cecil (our cat) I recently wrote about, and our dog Ghalli is a kindly goofy poodle--we needed special pets for our special kids. I am so glad they have had the opportunity to grow up with pets, as I did, even though things are not quite the same here as they were at my old house. Somehow that makes Cecil and Ghalli even more a part of this family.

xox jean

Joyce said...


I loved you cat story. Amber, my cat, is the smartest cat I have ever been lucky enough to have. She will sit on command... no really! ok, so she knows that a yummy treat awaits her, but she still does it... every morning before I go to work and every evening before I go to bed. What a lonely and sad world it would be without our pets! Joyce H

Tammy L. Browning-Smith, J.D., LL.M said...

We would ask you to take pictures, but well....

Enjoy every minute of that wild boy. He truly is a character, just like his Mom!

Big Hugs!

suzi finer said...

lurve your kitties...meow-licious!
happy new year lady!
linking you up...
suzi finer

Anonymous said...

Every morning when I get up, my husband has already left for work. I'm stuck with the task of gettting the kids (9 and 12) up, dressed, packed up and driven to school. Quite a chore, but, every morning, befor my husband leaves for work, he makes me a big, fresh, pot of coffee! A little think that I totally appreciate.

Lisa T said...

Oh, he's adorable! And don't be too hard on Oliver - before some much needed weight loss, our cat weighed 18 and a half pounds! That's what happens when you eat cat food, dog good, and whatever people food you can mooch... LOL!