Monday, April 14, 2008

Taking a stab at...Needle Felting!

Hello, Everyone! Hope you had a good weekend. It was bound to happen, but I succumbed to a cold and have been out for the count for the past 5 days. What a bummer. It really kicked my butt. Brian took good care of me, though, bringing me lots of soup! I'll be back to work tomorrow, but I'm just keeping quiet so as not to have a coughing fit. Ugh!

In the interim, since my trip to Absolutely Everything, one of the things that I got sucked into was needle felting. I've seen a few projects in magazines, on line, as well as the new products that Clover has unveiled this year. Kate had some felting needles, roving, etc. and she gave me a quick lesson. My first go 'round was a felted bead from Art Girlz to which I added some swirlies. It looks like a furry marble. I never do anything half way, so I then began going onto the 'net looking for more information. I purchased a great pattern for needle felting a bear from Marie Spaulding, so I took a shot at it. The bear head was pretty cool, but I ran out of the matching roving and his body looked too thin, so it almost looks like a short Pez!

I then attempted a cat. I used what I had, which was some multi-colored greenish roving. I worked on it here and there, but at least I finished it. For my first attempt, not bad, but I could critique the bejeebers out of it. Of course I then ordered more stuff to improve on this. I will definitely get working on some fun decorated felt beads, and who knows, maybe some felted kitty beads!

I also wanted you to go and check out Hero Arts' new blog. Shari Carroll asked me to create a card for her blog, which she posted last Friday. It was fun to do..."bandannaed", of course!

Because of being away and then with my cold I was remiss with my beadbloggers! Please check out these wonderful blogs! There's some new additions...so click away!

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suzi finer said...

I keep threatening to get on the felting aisle for awhile, but can't quite turn the cart yet.
Love your examples...

Stampin' Meg said...

He's a darling little imp- but looks a bit mischievious as well!

Judy said...

The cat is so cute! You did great for a first time project!
Your card on Hero Arts blog is super! The colors are incredible! Great job!

ginny said...

Hey Robin, these are adorable. You did a great job...again...always.

Kris Hoffer, owner said...

Awwwww...he's adorable. But can't you just rest?? Do you have to be productive even when you're sick??!

Next time you visit, I'll have to take you to a place right up the road that sells roving from Lancaster County. You can make little Amish cats! haha

Take care,

Linda Cain said...

This is the greatest felted thing I've seen!!! My friend has tried it, and tried to get me interested, but haven't gotten the time yet...but this is too cute!!!

Get better!

Wendy said...

Poor baby...sick. I missed you. I almost had to send the blog cops...
I hope you feel better soon.

Michelle McGee said...

nice felting!

dime store daze said...

this cat is so damn cute I can't even stand it.