Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Slang and Beady Links

Remember my contest? Well, winner Rachel Greig finally got her stamps...and she did not hesitate to use 'em! She couldn't wait to get her hands on the "speedo" guy, or as they apparently say in Australia, the "Dicksticker" guy (if you think that this could not be a common word, just "Google" it, and boy, is it ever common verbiage "Down Under"! You've got to check out her sample-she's also going to share the stamps and have a "Round Robin" where stampers will get to create and pass on some of the stamps and will also get to keep some...I love to share the fun of these older stamps that I can't use!

This is a fun picture that I recently found and scanned in from my pile of family photos. This is probably at Ocean Grove, NJ beach in the late 1800's. No bikinis or "dickstickers" here! The second woman in line is actually my maternal grandfather's mother, Marcella Dale; my middle name is the same as hers; my grandfather's sister, Margie's middle name was also Dale. The name derived from Marcella's mother, whose last name was Dale. No one knows what happened to my great-great Grandmother's husband...my grandfather was never told, so I guess we'll never know! One of those "family mysteries"!

What is not a mystery is the fabulousness of the week's beady links! Enjoy!

  • About.com Jewelry Making Tammy at About.com's Jewelry Making site has a long list of ideas for jewelry makers to give and get this holiday season.
  • Art Bead Scene As a thank you to our loyal readers, the editors of Art Bead Scene present 12 Days of Christmas: 12 free projects using art beads, running over the next two weeks. These projects are quick and easy gift ideas, perfect for the holidays!
  • Jewelry & Beading Stunning jewelry and other artwork are featured in an interview with Penny Purdie, one of Cyndi's favorite artists in the Swarovski Design Contest!
  • PearlEsq. Check out the travels of Robin at Tim Holtz' Holiday Hideaway!
  • Savvy Crafter Candie takes a walk down Candy Cane Memory Lane.... See two different versions of beaded candy cane ornaments on her blog. Yum!
  • Snap out of it, Jean! There's beadng to be done! Jean displays a little parallel chain style chain maille and borosilicate bracelet for her chain maille gallery on her site: Margot Potter has the perfect name for it!
  • The Impatient Blogger It's week three of Ornament Thursday! Margot offers a simply lovely and quick idea in this week's post, plus links to the amazing ideas of the rest of our talented participants!

Beady Hugs, Robin


Chris said...

Very awesome photo. I'm from the "Dale's" too - My mom's maiden name was Dale. They came from England. Maybe we're related, LOL!!

Rachel Greig said...

Thanks for the stamps Robin, esp the Speedo guy!! :) Will be fun to see how the round robin goes!

Rinda said...

Procrastinating here . . . should be grading torts exams (yuck!). Instead, read the most inspiring story about Alicia and Maddie on your Itty Bitty Kitty Committee link. What a great pick-me-up.
Thanks for sharing,