Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Hideaway Hangover!

Hello, Everyone! I'm back from my flurry of art, friends and fun in AZ! I took today off to get my bearings back. I feel like I'm hungover from all the travel and fun. I've got lots to share. Every bit of it was memorable and just such a blast. If Tim didn't think I was stalking him, I could see myself living in Prescott. I think it's my 4th trip there and I just love its small town coziness, antique stores, neat galleries and the art. Weather wise, we had everything-sun, snow, hail and rain. All we needed was some lightning and thunder and we would have been complete.

I feel so lucky and blessed when I am at an event such as this. I'm lucky in that I get to work and spend time with Tim through the year. What an event such as this does for me is to get a chance to catch up with so many others that I've not seen in a while. Many of the attendees I first met through Club Scrap-demoing and teaching at the first 4+ years of their retreats I've become friends with so many people from around the country. There's also the many store owners that I've met through Tim and Ranger that I've become friendly with. Boy did we laugh this weekend. No matter what happens in your life, the ability to spend time with people like this is what makes it all worth while.

I thought I'd "report" on my trip in a few posts, but the first one is all about friends. I made some new ones and got to reconnect. We were all assigned to a table, and we had fun! I was lucky to spend the weekend with my roomies, Dawn and Nadine, here we are together... as well as the crazy and wonderfully talented Kate and new friends Kathy and Michelle.

Don't tell Brian, but I have a new "boyfriend"; Michelle's son, Kelvin and her husband brought Michelle to the retreat. It turns out Kelvin, who is 5, loves Webkinz, too! Every time he came into the room I would holler out in my shy way, "Hi, Kelvin!" He didn't know what to do at first and would whisper answers to his mom. After we got into our Webkinz discussions, though, that was a different story. Now I have a new Webkinz buddy! Near the end of the weekend Kelvin asked for my snail mail info and number and I gave it to him, but said not to tell my boyfriend. He was so cute because he said, "why not?" Brian thought it was a riot...here's my new Webkinz buddy. Isn't he cute?

There's so many pictures people took and I've already ordered Sharon's photos! Thanks, Sharon! My buddy Terri, or Zwick or Zwickie. She mentioned before the retreat that you know those friends that you've not seen in a while, but when you do see them, it was like yesterday that you last saw them!? That's Zwickie. Super-talented designer for Club Scrap and all around funny-as-hell gal. She and I tend to get into trouble. Of course, in a good way. Then there's Lia, Keychain, Cindy, Monica, and on and on. And of course-Tim. What can I say about a friend and co-worker like Tim? Thanks. Also, to Sharon, Michelle and the incomparable Mario for the prepping, organizing and cooking...Yikes! I was almost scared to step on the scale today. But it was so worth it.
I've got lots more to share, but I wanted to start out with what I treasure so much-my friends. Not just the ones that I got to catch up with at the Hideaway, but for all the rest of you...you know who you are!
It's good to be home! Enjoy the day! Holly Hugs, Robin


Margot Potter said...


Welcome back! I emailed you a zillion questions today. I missed you!

Sounds like you had a well deserved blast.


tim said...

thanks for taking the time to share it with us all. and thanks again for the way cool soldered snowflake - i con't believe you made them for all 40 of us - you're nuts!


Rachel Greig said...

Thanks for the update - glad you made it home safe! Sounds like it was way too much fun. :):) But you, Tim, Mario = fun always anyway!! Look forward to reading the rest!

Wendy said...

I'm glad you made it home & it sounds like an absolutely wonderful time!!
Keep typing...we NEED to hear it ALL!!

Margie H said...

Can't wait to hear more from your trip...beauty rest first...priorities! Glad you made it home esp. during this crazy weather!

Paper Patti said...

Welcome home, Robin. Can't wait to hear more. Missed you.


Kris said...

Glad your back on this side of the country -- missed you!
I'm envious of all the fun you were having while I was studying for finals!! One more day till winter break! w00t!w00t!w00t!

Talk to ya soon,

rinda said...

Hi Robin,
I know that Tim is getting all the action over at his blog during the 12 Tags of Christmas (over 1200 comments a day!!!), so I thought I'd pop in and post here, too. Glad you had fun and are still in touch with some of the Club Scrappies!
(aka Maria Ontiveros)

ginny Smallenburg said...

Sounds like another great time at Chez Holtz. He is definitely the best host ever.

TA Carbone said...

Welcome Home Robin. Even though everyone was on Tim's blog I always come to yours also to see what's new with your creativity also. Even if there's a day you don't post on your Blog I am still visiting
TA from NJ

Robin Beam said...

Thanks to everyone for the welcome homes!I've got so much to share!

Inky Hugs, Robin

Anonymous said...

Great blog, Rob! Missed you & so great to see you. Christmastime in Bucks County is awesome...think about it! Fishing line will be up soon!