Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Cookie Fun!

Hello and Happy Holidays, everybody! I'm sure everyone has been busy as can be, as I have, spending time with friends and family. Sorry I've not posted lately-but I've got a lot of fun to share today. Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking part in Miss Margot's 1st Annual Cookie Chaos! I got to spend the afternoon with "Beady" as she is monikered, as well as "Inky", the wonderful Rebecca Peck; I'm "Knotty", which, yeah, yeah, I know has a so "naughty" connotation..hee hee! Also in attendance was the wonderful jewelry product designer Wyatt, who I'd not seen since Margot's Luau birthday party, so it was really a blast. Of course I also hung out with Margot's husband, Drew and their wonderful daughter and Inky's kids, as I know them in Webkinz World, Doggie and Crystal...!

I used to always make cookies with my family and I made them to give away, but they were always the spoon and plop kind or the
Peanut Butter Blossoms with the Hershey's Kisses on them. Not the cookie cutter kind. My cookie cutters are all for Melt Art(r)! So it was fun to decorate some cookies with all the appropriate accoutrement.

The first big of decorting was of the kids themselves; fun, faux "pearl" earrings and anything else that could be glued with icing to the kids' faces ala Wyatt's decorating acumen. Here's some of the fun cookies that we decorated. The few that I took home, well they found a new home in my tummy, they were GOOD!

Everyone enjoy their long weekend. Sweet and sugary hugs, Robin


Rachel Greig said...

Yummo Robin! I esp like the last cookie with the wacky eyes!!! :)
Rach x

Margot Potter said...


Oh thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much for coming all this way for Cookie Chaos 2007. I was so dang tired, I didn't even post about it yet! Next year, we're going to have the cookies all baked and then we can decorate them to our heart's content.

You are da bomb. Thank you also for my FABULOUS gifts!