Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Journey of a Strange Stamp

Happy Wednesday! Hump Day as some would say, which is a perfect segue to my topic. Remember the talented Rachel Greig and the hunky guy in the Speedo stamp that she won? Well, here's the results of this "special" stamp's next stop, and they are insane! Sarah Schwerin of Australia has paid homage to "Down Under" as well as Mr. Holtz himself. I don't think she'll mind my sharing some of her results...check out the rest! They are a riot. Now Mr. DS, as he is called, is on his way to his next temporary home! I'll keep you posted.

Of course now Rachel's asking me whose image it is...I usually remember where the many, many, many (think of a large number, and that's probably close to the number I've owned over the past 14 years) stamps came from, but this was an unmounted stamp (Oh, no, the puns that I can think of...hump day, mounted v. unmounted...hehehe!). This one has got me flummoxed. It's pretty crazy, because as some scrappers can name a paper company by pattern, which I cannot do, I can usually identify a stamp by the type of wood used, or just by the art...now that's just sick!

Things are slowly but surely coming together for CHA...Phew! I'm also starting to work on classes. As a heads up, I'll see if I can add some type of a calendar on the blog, but in the interim, I know I'll be teaching the third of the triumvirate of classes at Paper-Potamus in February, right after CHA (I'll have samples finished this weekend!) as well as my first of classes at Tinsel Trading in NYC...check 'em out!

Enjoy the rest of your Hump Day and the Adventures of Mr. DS!

Inky Hugs, Robin


Sarah Feeney said...

Hi Robin! So glad you like what I did with "Mr DS"!!
Looking forward to hearing from everyone who visits my site!

Rachel Greig said...

OMG - he was UN-mounted and you MOUNTED him? Totally funny. I emailed VLV but they say he isn't theirs, but now they're considering drawing one just like him! I think I may just get a surf life saver dude down on the beach and photograph him and make my own Mr DS stamp if everyone is keen on him! :) Imagine the poses I could put him in for some interesting stamps!!! But the original is always the best. Who would have thought there'd be so much interest in this guy :)

Sad I won't see you at CHA. Have fun though!

wendy vecchi said...

LUCKY LUCKY gals...getting to take classes from an ART GODDESS!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy gals...you're in for a real treat!!

Margot Potter said...


Your class looks awesome! I love these cards...all from the Robin Beam Secret Porn Stamp Collection.

Bawn...chicki...bawn, bawn.


Catherine Aliff said...

I love it...a traveling stamp...now that is the best...JUST LIKE YOU!

Big Hugs!

Bernie Berlin said...

Can't wait to see you at CHA!!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

you are totally wonderful!!!