Monday, June 16, 2008

Rivolis, not Raviolis

Hello, Everyone! I just want to thank you ALL for the wonderful comments and emails that you've posted or sent me. I truly appreciate it and it has really given me such support and solace in what has been a crazy few weeks.
I have been actually very busy! I've still got a lot to sort through with all of my "stuff" and believe me, it's a lot! I may be having one of my famous, or "infamous" stamp sales at my house down the line. You won't believe how many stamps I have. I didn't realize how many I'd brought to the office over the past 8 years. But it will be a good deal for anyone who wants to make a trip to see me in NJ! But that will be later this summer.

In the meantime I have been doing a lot more beading and I wanted to share some of what I've been doing. I had shown in an earlier posting some of the necklaces I had made with a Swarovski Rivoli. Many have been beading with these lately and I just love the look and sparkle of them. Using Laura McCabe's book as an initial reference, I've been having a blast and have been getting back to my bead crochet necklaces as well. I used some awesome Designer Bead Mixes from the Beadwrangler.

The color of the first photo's Rivoli is called Volcano, which has reds, purples...it's absolutely amazing when you see all of the color and sparkle that is one crystal! The small 3mm Bicone Swarovski Crystals are Fuchsia in color and have been incorporated into the spral necklace, using both matte black, silver and some other colors what work together. I just sit down with my beads, separated by color and just keep pulling and comparing to see what looks good. I definitely use my Ott-Lite to see what I'm doing! I don't know what I'd do without it.
The next necklace is with one of the Beadwrangler Mixes...a color that I don't usually go to, but loved....Coral Sea. I created a crochet necklace and then used the colors for the bezel and Padparadscha (I can't say the name, but I sure like the color!) Swarovski Crystals. The Rivoli is Crystal AB (Aurora Borealis), one of my favorites, because it goes with everything!
For this focal Rivoli I used another Beadwranger Mix, Sea Foam and Jet Black AB2X Crystals. It doesn't look Jet Black, but with the magic of the various coatings they put on the crystals, it's perfect with these colors. This particular bead mix has some really fun small beads with green stripes on them, which make the mix all the more fun. I've got the finished necklace now, but didn't get a chance to take a picture of it.
I've had so much fun making these and have a few more finished but have just not had the chance to take the pictures...I'm actually busy, busy, busy working on samples for CHA Summer.
I'll continue to keep everyone posted as to what I'm up to. I've got so many idead in my brain, and not enough time.
Wishing everyone a great week!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

When One Door Closes....and that Darn Tunnel!

Hello, Everyone! I know it's been a loooooong time since I've posted. I'm at the point that I can talk about what's going on with my life! Door Photo Credit

For those of you that have not heard it through the grapevine, I am no longer with Ranger. As of May 20th, I was let go due to a restructure/reorganization of the Marketing and Sales Departments. Needless to say, it's a big change for me! For the first time in my 33+ years of working (since I was 13) I'm without an official job. I so appreciate the opportunity that the owners that hired me 8 years ago, Anne and Vince, gave me, seeing that I had something to offer to the company and the industry...and I will miss working day to day with so many. But, as everyone says, "when one door closes, another opens"...right?

I liked this photo because it shows another door as well as "the light at the end of the tunnel." I'm making my way through! I appreciate the well wishes I've received from those that heard the news.

As most know, moss does not grow under my feet for long. I will be at CHA, demoing with my buddy Inky for Streuter, and there's a few other things that I'm working on that I'll let you know down the line.

Regarding the Bandanna Contest, it is still a go! I will be taking photos and I think that I'm going to change the rules and pick the winner myself....I loved what everyone did. It was wonderful getting such colorful mail during my recovery from my knee!

Regarding my knee, I'm definitely on the road to recovery. Still going to physical therapy and the doctor was pleased with my progress so far. I just have to remember to get up from time to time from my desk, otherwise my knee reminds me of what I did to it the next day! So, lots of iced tea and water...that will force me to take a break, if you know what I mean!

So, if anyone wants to contact me, use the email connected with my blog. If anyone wants to hire me, I'm looking! :-)

Inky Hugs,

Note: I thank everyone so much for your thoughts. For the record, though, while I am still not released from my doctor's care, I had returned to work on Monday, May 19th, after recuperating home for three weeks from my knee surgery.