Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankfulness Abounding!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! It's getting harder and harder to get bloggin'...time just goes by. I can't believe it will be 3 months next week since I started with A.C. Moore! I'm absolutely loving it. I'm also through the first step of getting closer to selling my house. I've got the 50+ years of my grandparent's and my stuff emptied out! If you ever need to have stuff moved out...I would highly recommend the company I used-Hitmen Cleanouts! Ginger and her son were unbelievable. It now looks like the aftermath of the Grinch after he cleaned out the houses! At least in the garage, basement, attic, patio, back bedroom and living room! It's quite amazing...now onto some repairs and listing the house.
I just wanted to wish everyone the best Holiday Season. It has been quite the year and "thankful" is truly my word of the year. I'm thankful for my friends, my family, everyone who has been supportive of me...it means so much! I'm most thankful for Brian who's put up with all of this craziness over the past six months! Inky and Beady have been awesome. I lurve you all!
Happy Turkey Day...and come on over to A.C. Moore tomorrow...I'll be helping out bright and early at the Shrewsbury store!