Saturday, September 20, 2008

What a Roller Coaster!

Hello, all of you in Blogger Land! Can you believe it's been three weeks already that I've been at ACMoore? (Roller Coaster Credit) Little by little, I'm finding some normalcy in my schedule. A lot different than being 7 miles from my job...! Up at 6am, on the road by 7am, at the office by 8:30am, then in a snap, it's between 5pm and 7pm when I leave, getting home between 6:30pm and 9pm. The first weekend, I think I just slept...by this weekend, I'm finally getting some things accomplished, but still not enough.

It made me think of a roller coaster, with the ups and downs, but not in a bad way. Just when you feel that drop, you know there's going to be another "up" again!

On the Down Side: Driving 1-1/2 hours until I get my house sold and move.
On the Up Side: I'm so catching up with people on the cell phone! Thank goodness for Rollover minutes and Bluetooth!

On the Down Side: So much to learn!
On the Up Side: So much to learn! (See, it evens out!)

On the Down Side: I'm still catching up on my sleep!
On the Up Side: But, boy, do I sleep!

On the Down Side: I still have so much stuff to get rid of!
On the Up Side: That may mean one more last "Stamp and other Stuff" Sale!?

On the Down Side: Wait....there is NO Down Side! I'm so enjoying the challenge of "what can be". I'm lucky to have some wonderful people to work with that are as excited as I am to make ACMoore the best it can be with education. I'm getting to work with so many people in the Crafts Industry more closely that I've only been able to peripherally deal with in the past, which is such a rush! I'm also learning about more than just papercrafts and jewelry...kids' crafts, floral, needlecrafts-sometimes I think my head is going to explode!

If you get a chance, check out ACMoore's Forum-it's only in its infancy, but you may be surprised at what you can learn. I'm also working with the Forum Guru in getting more information on there by way of tips and trips from various manufacturers and I've even designed some projects on there...check 'em out! They're all in the usual format that you've seen when I create project instructions. And they're all not papercrafts!

For those that are near ACMoore next Saturday is a Crochet Demo for the October- Breast Cancer Awareness Month! I'm sure everyone has dealt with or been touched by someone they love that has had breast cancer. Take care of yourselves and get checked! Lion Brand(r) Yarns was kind enough to donate fun "Crochet for a Cause" scarf kits Two people per store will get the chance to win one and there will be someone there to help you get started. If you've ever wanted to try to crochet, this is a great way to learn. I actually made the scarf; if I can do it, so can anyone!

I can actually say I know two different stitches now, which is quite the feat!

Finally, I also wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you to all those that have posted the lovely comments, emailed and even "snail mailed" me! It makes me even more energized to push harder and make things happen!

As my new employer says: Dream it. Create it. Share it. That's what I want to do!

Enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Next Chapter...This is really becoming quite the treatise!

Hello, Everyone! Here's the scoop. As you know, it's been quite the summer. Many changes, new adventures. I've been so thrilled this spring and summer to have been given the opportunity to work with companies such as Clearsnap, Amate Studios, Hampton Art, Teresa Collins Designs as well as Streuter. It was fun to teach and demo CHA Summer in July. Next chapter...

I've been offered a wonderful position
with A.C. Moore as their new Director of Education. Day One is now under my belt with Day Two starting with my new schedule of waking up at 6:00 a.m., driving 1-1/2 hours to Berlin, NJ with the reverse trip at the end of the day. This'll be going on until I get my house emptied out and sold. If anyone wants to check out my stamp stash, let me know. I've already shared it with the local stamp club and I'd be willing to offer up my garage for picking at reasonable prices again!

You have to realize that this was my grandparents' house; they purchased and moved into this house in or around 1951, so, in addition to all of my "stuff", there's 50+ years of more "stuff" still in this house...yikes!

Next chapter...this blog will be evolving as my life is...I will be making this more "A.C. Moore-centric" as that's what my focus is going to be. I will not be teaching anymore---too much to do (!!!) but will be looking for teachers in all areas of crafts to consider teaching at one of the 130+ stores up and down the Eastern Seaboard. I truly believe that if new crafters are invited to try out new crafts with a good curriculum and great teachers, they will want to learn more, which will also lead them to the independents. Each will help support the other, all keeping us busy!
I can't thank everyone that has been by my side through the last few months. You know who you are and where you stand in my book! Big Hugs to you!

I welcome you to follow me on the next leg of my excursion!

Inky Hugs,