Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tinsel-rrific Fun Saturday!

Happy Weekend, Everyone! I had a fun day today teaching at Tinsel Trading in NYC. It's a great set up with a nice long table where you can sit or stand and work. There was a wonderful group of ladies, all new people to me (yay!) that got to Distress, collage, Alcohol Ink, Bandanna and Memory Glass & Frame their hearts out! I love introducing new people to the fun that can be created with these products. One of the things we did was Distress Photo Tinting; this is a picture of my grandfather, when he was 2 years old...1914. I recently found it and just love how cute he is with his teddy bear!

Remember me showing this "Medallion" piece? This was the first time I had come up with this, and I thank Tinsel Trading for the wonderful Dresden dimensional images in silver and gold that they have at the store. As soon as I saw these, I saw Alcohol Ink. I also want to try coloring these in with the Adirondack(r) Pigment Pens. When I was at the store today I found some wonderful wings...but now looking on the website, I've gotta see if they have some of these other images in stock (the Oriental lanterns!!!).

Here's a picture of the class on the famous "stairs" at the "Store Across the Street"...yep, that's the name of it! Fun, huh? It's a little blurry, but you get the picture, pun definitely intended! I also received a wonderful surprise from Terri Ventura (top of the stairs, to the far right, with cool necklace on!). It's this awesome purse and billfold that I'll take some pictures of and will post in the next few days. I'm beside myself! Terri makes the most awesome and unique jewelry, all out of vintage pieces. She also teaches some great classes...check them out!

I also got to spend some time talking to a most amazing milliner, Heather Huey. When you see the most amazing designs in the high end fashion magazines and in movies such as The Devil Wears Prada (love Meryl Streep in this movie!), it's so wonderful to meet someone that creates these types of unbelievable designs. I can now say that I've met a milliner!

I also received the most wonderful surprise-my friend Nadine (a.k.a. Hot Wheels) surprised me at the end of my class (for those with a score card, this is Foofy Toes' Mommy!). After cleaning up and doing a little bit of Tinsel Trading Shopping, we headed to a nearby deli, where we noshed on a wonderfully typical delicious NYC deli meal. I was a good girlfriend and brought chicken soup, sandwich and Dr. Brown's Diet Black Cherry Soda for Mr. B and we watched Michael Clayton on DVD. I think George Clooney was awesome in this movie. I'm behind on the movies, and from what I hear he has no chance to win, but the movie really kept me reeled in the entire time. Tom Wilkinson deservedly was nominated for the upcoming Oscars, but for the life of me, I don't understand Tilda Swinton's nomination. What do I know?

I'm ready to wind down for the evening, but was so excited about today, had to share! I've got classes down the road and will list them shortly. Enjoy your Sunday!

Tinsel Hugs, Robin


Stephanie said...

Good fun, Robin!

Got home, dumped my stuff, sat down to watch a bit of telly, turned on the TIVO, pulled up my recorded episodes of Jewelry Making and what do you know, there's Robin, teaching the very same techniques I had just learned in class. My son and husband were very impressed. Too funny!

MaryS. said...

What a great afternoon- I am a 'newbie' to crafting- this was my first class.
Your manner and clear teaching - I loved when you said "there are no rules" at one point- allowed me to really dive in.
I am shocked/thrilled with what I was able to create in a few short hours-- and can't wait to do more.
Thanks again- and to Tinsel, too- for such a great afternoon.
Continued success.
MaryS. (I sat to your left in class).

dime store daze said...

Robin Robin Robin What can I say you had me and my class mates in AWE. You taught one of the best classes I've ever been to,certainly a high point for Tinsel Trading. I hope you will do us the honor of coming and teaching again ..