Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm Baaaaack! Crappy Fingernails and All!

Hello, Everyone! I think I've almost found the light again...this is a different, post-CHA tunnel, not the pre-CHA one! As always, it was a blast. There's never enough time to catch up with everyone. I'm so glad to have made so many friends and aquaintances in this industry, but it gets so hard to catch up with everyone. To all of you that I didn't get to really spend the time with to catch up, I hope you understand. To those that I did get to spend some time with, yee hah!

I have many crazy, typical "happens only to me" stories to share. The first one I must mention is referenced in the blog title of today. My nails. They are ugly. They are awful. They are crappy. Did I say they were ugly? I got the bad nails side of the family (thanks, Mom!), not my dad's side of the family, where people have asked my Dad repeatedly over the years if he gets manicures (to which he happy lies and says, "of course!"). I also have a bad habit, especially when nervous, at picking at my nails. What can I say, it is what it is. I should walk around with gloves to stop, I know. My nails are also icky from the repeated scrubbing they get from being inundated with ink. blah, blah, blah.

Needless to say, the day before I left for the show, I got a manicure. More or less a "please clean this mess called my nails up as best as you can, I'll give you a good tip". She actually did clean them up. I cannot do the fake nail thing. I have no ability to then feel anything... With each new day of demos at the show and repeated cleaning and scrubbing of my nails every day, they got pretty...um...ugly again. So what happened on Tuesday? I was asked late in the day to do a quick, on the fly demo on video for The Pink Donut. When you check it out, please enjoy the lovely bags under my eyes which probably could pack an around the world trip and of course, my lovely nails...NOT! Needless to say, someone actually contacted my office about how awful my nails were...I did feel embarrassed about it, but geez, cut me a break! Now I'm nervous about how my hands looked when I taped Wednesday morning with Ana and Megan Araujo for When Creativity Knocks-they did such a great job...don't forget to check 'em out when they get rolling with their webisodes online.

So, hope you got a laugh out of Story #1. The next installment of "Robin goes to CHA" will be entitled: "Scooter takes out Anaheim Marriott Starbucks". Enjoy your evening!



Wendy said...

Ms Beam...
You are hilarious!!! Way better than anything on the boob tube. Can't you make your posts longer??? Can't wait for part 2...hope it's tomorrow.
ps...THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dime store daze said...

Hi Robin,
Glad to have you back. I saw the video and thought you were great. Maybe we can do a grunge board class.


ps... my nails look the same ..don't everyones?

Anonymous said...

You know, I honestly thought about emailing you after I saw the donut video, just to let you know how much I enjoyed seeing the demo and seeing how you work...You would think people would have more important things on their minds (aka "hey, let's learn something new today) than let's compare people's fingernails. But apparently some people don't. Doesn't make sense to me that someone so involved in the craft world, on the front lines at a trade show doesn't have the right to have dirty fingernails from working with ink and paint all day. Yah. whatever.
Looking forward to seeing you do more stuff!
Lisa Mitchell
(barcelona, spain)

ginny said...

I just watched the video and never even noticed your nails. The video is great. You are relaxed, informative and creative. Who needs more? Well, I do need those white pens, but really, the video is just right.
There is a package coming at you.

Kris said...

Ah, Robin - I miss you!
It was great to see your smiling face via video - unmanicured nails and all. And I agree with Lisa - you have a RIGHT to have hardworkin' hands! I joke with my customers that i look like a mechanic - I always have charcoal and conte in my nails!
Can't wait to get my hands on that pigment ink - how exciting!


Margie H said...

OMGosh! Robin, can I join your "nail club?" LOL!! Ugly nails and all, we love you! Can't wait to hear more of your CHA adventure!

Absolutely Everything said...

Robin...the video is great...I didn't notice anything wrong with your nails...and i was really looking!! Hope your trip hpome was good and you got a bit of rest in the process...talk to you soon

purplejaimie6419 said...

Great video, Robin!And who is looking at your nails anyway?You make the best jewelry! I had a great time at the Triple Crown ,too.I really love the Memory Glass.Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Linda Cain said...

Ohhhh, someone who has fingernails just like me!!!! You are a hoot!
Your tutorial is wonderful! Great job!
Linda Cain

Kriss said...

Hi Robin!
I went straight to the video and all I could do was look at your fingernails. Which are perfectly fine! And even if they weren't what an awful thing for someone to do. It had me a little fired up...just ask my husband! :) People never cease to amaze me.

josie said...

Howdy Ms. Robin,
It was a real treat seeing you. You are a true inspiration. Thanks you again for everything. Hope to see you soon,

Michelle McGee said...

Looking forward to hearing the rest.

Vicki Boutin said...

I can't believe someone emailed you about your nails! If my hands/nails are clean it means I haven't been working very hard! LOL!! I got to see the back of your head at CHA but that was it! Hopefully we will have time to chat at CHA Summer!

Off to watch the video~!

Bobbey said...

My dear, dear Robin, Your nails are what they are. I'll be honest I've watched the video and never even thought twice about them. Be wary of the Artiste with a perfect manicure!!! Some people need to get more excited over the new products and a great tutorial from YOU than what your fabulous inky hands look like!

Labyrinth Gal said...

Hi Robin!
What a funny story! We massage therapists pride ourselves on NOT having nails. It's so much easier and it's nice having an excuse. Feel free to join our club as an honorary member. ;-) Hali

tammy said...

Great video and I did not notice your nails at all! I'm doing a DVD right now for one of my books, and I totally feel your issues about the nail thing, but anyone who think you need to have pretty nails is just not a "real" crafter.

claudine hellmuth said...

real artist/crafters do not have nice nails!!! wear your messy nails proudly girly!!!

Ruby Craft said...

So does this person have a nail fetish? I know if I was fortunate enough to go to CHA and see your demo the LAST thing I would be concentrating on would be fingernails. I loved the bandanna technique demo you did with Ranger's new pigment inks and white pen.

Mel M. M. M. said...

Nice Nails are a sign of a lazy crafter. (Can you tell I have messy nails? hehe) ;0) mel