Sunday, November 4, 2007

Monday, Monday, Bandanna Style!

Where did the weekend go? Even with the extra hour thrown in there, poof! It's Sunday and almost time for Desperate Housewives! I did get a lot done with my soldering, as planned. I'm on such a roll. I Photoshop Element'd a bunch of the letters from the various plaques I've made...I don't want to show the actual plaques because some of the intended recipients will see what they're getting!

For anyone interested, I can make these plaques customized in time for the Holidays...feel free to email me and I can give you my pricing. Each is custom-made and will be ready to hang! I do have fun making them.

I'm also so proud of my niece and her field hockey team! The Oceanport Chargers won their league and district championships on Saturday. I was able to see her play. She is the captain of the team and they are a very, very talented group of young ladies! Congratulations Alex (#16) and team!
This will be just another week of plugging away with paperwork and figuring out stuff for CHA and 2008...I can't believe it's around the corner!

Wishing everyone a good and productive week!



Wendy said...

A nice way to start the day...steaming coffee & GREAT ART!! You are the BANDANA master!

ginny said...

I love these bandana letters!
Need to make some now.

Emily Adams said...

you've been tagged! that means you have some questions to answer - so go to my blog for your instructions. i hope you play!


DonnaSalazar said...

Hi Robin,

It was fun chatting with you at Scrap a Faire. I'll be visiting your blog now that I know it's here