Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fairy Wings and Beady Links

Hello and Happy Sunday. I'm enjoying the movie Fairy Tale: A True Story on the SciFi channel. I then sit on the computer and look up things to see what it's all about. IMDB is one of my favorite sources; Brian and I many times bet on who was or was not in a movie and then race to the site to see who is right (I hate to say it, but he usually is!).

I'm busy working on some things for the upcoming Holiday Hideaway my buddy Tim is having in a few weeks. I'm so looking forward to seeing so many of my friends in a fun, artistic and relaxing atmosphere...I love Prescott, AZ and the surrounding area.

Off to Dunkin' Donuts for my daily cappuccino and then back to my "stuff" (can't say what I'm doing, don't want to spoil the surprise!) Enjoy the beady links of the week!

  • Art Bead Scene Pull up a Cup 'o Joe and warm up with our little gallery of coffee related bead treats made by the editors of Art Bead Scene

  • Bead Arts A maple leaf on top of a maple leaf! Cyndi has created a necklace that features both a full sized and a miniature leaf. Can you spot the big leaf? :-)

  • Jewelry & Beading Artist Wendy Van Camp has shared with us about her inspirations and creative process in making her beautiful wire and gem jewelry.

  • Katie's Beading Blog Katie's been a busy blogger this week! Get links to instructions for a fun necklace & earring set, vote for your favorite thing to bead, and check out Katie's new CafePress shop!

  • Naughty Secretary Club Have you seen the new issue of Altered Couture Magazine? Look for two pieces of jewelry by Jen and a 3 page spread about her sister Hope Perkins and her hand painted dresses.

  • PearlEsq. Robin just wants to show you her nieces' new puppy Charlie, go "awwww!" and have a good smile.

  • Snap out of it, Jean! There's beading to be done! Jean shows a bracelet she made for the November Art bead Scene challenge: lots of fun--coffee is the focus!

  • The Impatient Blogger Margot shares some thoughts about the transformative power of the creative force in this thought provoking post.

Fairy Wishes, Robin

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I love that movie!

Hope all is better in your world.