Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas in November?

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Where did Monday go? I'm zipping along, working on ideas for the 2008 CHA show as well as wrapping my head around other ideas...it never ends, does it? That's the fun of it.

As the years have gone by, I've become less of a crazy shopper for getting presents for everyone. It's an evolving thing, that's for sure. One of my better ideas is taking place tomorrow. Last year, instead of buying gifts for the women in my office I taught them a class and provided all the materials for them to make a Knotted Macrame Necklace. They eventually all finished theirs and I'm always happy to see when they wear it or make another one. This is quite the crafty bunch to begin with, so why not teach them something they did not know before rather than try to find some Tchotchke that they may or may not like?

For 2007 I've opened it up to the others in the office, so tomorrow night, after work, I'm teaching 7 or 8 of the ladies here how to make a Bandanna Plaque. That's what I've finally decided to call these things! Many have said they'd love to learn to solder and it will give them a chance to possibly get a gift made to give or create something for themselves. It may take 1-2 nights, depending on how much we get done tomorrow night, but I'm excited about it. I actually got it all prepped last night and brought everything in today...what a concept!

So instead of doing the schlep to the store, why not share your talents with a group of friends and give the gift that keeps on giving? And there's the fun of socializing before the craziness of the season truly gets in high gear. I'll be sure to report and share the finished creations.

Holiday Hugs to all!


Margot Potter said...

But I want to buy people tchotchkes, is that so wrong?!

Ha ha.

Great idea!

Come to the Potter PJ Party this week!


Norma Anne Chattin, The Artful Tourist said...

I love that macrame necklace! I'm just learning "micro" macrame and have done a fun bracelet. Now I want to try that necklace. You rock Robin.

May Bruce serenade you throughout the holidays,
Norma Anne
The Artful Tourist

Kriss said...

Wonderful idea. I'm wishing I was a co-worker right now!

ginny said...

What a wonderful idea, Robin. Lucky co-workers.

Lennis said...


You are truly one of the kindest, sharing people I know. It is great to say...hey I know her! I wish I was one of your co-workers! LMK when your are teaching your necklace again I would love to learn. Oh, by the way...love your blog and have stalked it for quite some time.

Rachel Greig said...

What a fabulous idea!

Roni JJ said...
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Penny Mc said...

I wanna play too! Do PAST co-workers count??

Maybe you should think about some online classes for those of us who chose not to live in NJ?! (anymore)

Miss you!


lisa d said...

Now that is a completely brilliant idea. What a lucky bunch of girls. Oh and thanks a lot Robin! I'm now completely addicted to the bandana technique. My hubby is getting a bit peeved at rolling over in bed and getting stabbed by a white sharpie pen. heehee

Wendy said...

Lucky LUCKY gals!!! What a great GIFT! Sure wish I lived closer. I'd be crashing the soldering party!
Have a fun time & show us what everyone made!

Teresa said...

I had so much fun tonight! Thanks so much! Jacob will love his; I know it. :)