Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action! CHA Summer has come and gone!

Happy Thursday, Everyone! Wow, I'll say it now and I'll say it again, these trade shows are like weddings. You prepare, worry, plan and with the snap of a finger, it's over. It was a pivotal show for me. The first in 8-9 Winter Shows and about 4 Summer Shows that I was not with Ranger...I was me! Thank you to everyone who came by to see me at Streuter or Amate, and to those who hunted me down. It meant a lot to me.

Karma also played well into this show. Getting to work with the Streuter Gluefilm(tm) and Gluefoil(tm) with the Amate Pendant Trays, as well as the DIY Bangles resulted in my being able to show new and fun ways to create jewelry that will equate into many new classes for store owners and educators to teach, and to me, that's what it is all about! It was also funny-I had been hooked up with the Bind-it-all(tm) and Teresa Collins' new paper lines and if I was able to make any samples with them, it would be great. I was so short with time, but was determined to make something. I ended up making covers for a book with the Copper Gluefoil along the lines of the "embossed" bangles that I showed off in my previous post, beating it to death with Tim's Texture Hammer and aging it with Pitch Black Adirondack(r) Paint. It turned out great...of course I took a quick, horrendous pic of it. I'm going to try and get a better one. Well, everyone over at Teresa and Product Performers' booth loved the book and we ended up fielding tons of questions at Streuter of "how'd you do that?"

I am in the process of working on another cover and will also do one with a complete step-out. There were also a bunch of embossed Grunge "charms" that hung off the binding of the book. The inside of the book was my first "solo" attempt at using the Bind-it-all, and I can tell you I could have done a lot better. Subsequent tries were perfect.

As you can also see by the photos, I was chosen by my dear friend, Ana Araujo as one of "Ana's Picks" for When Creativity Knocks, co-hosted by her daughter, Megan, with camera work and editing by Scott Pfeiffer. I've known Ana for over a dozen years and she is clever, crafty and with Megan, they are a crafty powerhouse to watch! They did a quick taping at the Streuter Booth on Friday. I look like a goof in many of the pics because I was supposed to be acting "naturally" and just to "do my thing", which was to work on one of the projects I was demoing. You can see that I used a vintage, wooden dress hem marker to display the finished bangles, as well as Rebecca's vintage bird cage for bandannaed Maya Road chipboard glued with Streuter's Gluefilm and finally, some white bird-themed jewelry display stands from Urban Outfitters, which worked out wonderfully for the show!

I'm not sure when this video is going to air on their site, but in the meantime, check out Megan's insightful interview regarding the Orphan Works legislation with Brenda Pinnick and Joanne Fink.
I ended up busier than ever at this show, so took no pictures (shame on me!). I'm going to have to rely on my friends that did take some pics to share (pretty please?!).
This weekend I'm teaching Melt Art(r) with Amate Pendants at Scrapper's Cove in Milltown, NJ. There's still openings, so contact them to see if you can make it to the 3-hour class from 10am-1pm. You'll learn some great techniques on creating professional looking pendants, as well as some basic jewelry making tips, creating necklaces that will be ready to wear by the end of the class!
Enjoy your weekend!



Teresa said...

It was so good to see you! Even though I just saw you the previous week. ;)

Ack! I promised myself that I would take classes and your Scrappers Cove class would have been perfect! Unfortunately, I have a bday party that day. *hugs*

Bobbi said...

that book cover is so AWESOME!! and I've so been wanting to try the Streuder gluefilm/gluefoils-now I'll definitely have to give it a whirl!!

Rachel Greig said...

great book cover!! I'm glad to see you were enjoying yourself at CHA - hope to see you at the next one!!

Cherylynn said...

It was great watching you demo at CHA. You are always such an inspiration! I can't wait to see where your new journey takes you.

Michelle McGee said...

Glad you had fun, sounds like a good show...

Chris is lucky to have you to teach!

KSmith said...

Darn I missed the class. Need to know where and when you will be teaching the class again, love to learn a new technique

Jen Crossley said...

The book cover looks amazing Robin

Kriss said...

You look great! It doesn't matter what you touch, you do great work. Your book cover and bangles are great. Tell Chris at Scrappers Cove hello for me. Have fun.

The Bead Girls said...

It was great seeing you Robin! After your demo, I purchased Amate pendants and the Streuder film for both Caravan and Briolette. I have been having so much fun! Hope you can come to Chi-town and teach for us soon! Charlene