Saturday, July 5, 2008

CHA Technique Sneak Peek!

Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone! I know, I've really really bad with my bloggin' habits. I've actually been busy! No excuse, though. I've got a bunch of things that I'm going to be posting soon. I want to thank everyone again for the wonderfully upbeat and supportive emails. I know that something's out there...!

I'm getting ready with samples for
CHA. In addition to demonstrating for Streuter, I'm also scheduled to do some demos at Amate Studios with their pendants that I love soooo much! I've also been playing with DIY Bangles and making up some great looks using the Streuter Glue Foil and Glue Film. What's Glue Foil? Well, as Streuter describes, it's a "Glue Film Laminated Metal Foil"...what I think it is...COOL! Using dies, Grungeboard(tm), the Cuttlebug(tm) and Embossing Folders and Dies and the Glue Foil, I'm doing my take on Tim's Brayered Embossing and then some with the use of the Clover Craft Iron. Glue Film is just that, a sheet of glue that is malleable and easy to work with; you can glue an entire piece of paper down onto chipboard or another surface and not worry about corners peeling up, etc. I'm really having fun with this product.

I'm going to share a few tidbits of some of the pendants I'm working on. My goal is to do a small video or step by step down the line so you can make these awesome (at least I think so) jewelry, as well as other projects, such as custom journal or notebook covers with the Bind-it-all(tm), which is my other new, favorite toy! The first sample is in an Amate Pendant. The silver Glue Foil was heated to attach to the Grungeboard, which is a great thickness for the pendants; sometimes I use a second layer to make it flush with the pendant. I then ran it through the Cuttlebug with the Stylized Flowers folder, followed by painting it in with a Waterbrush and Tim's Adirondack(r) Alcohol Inks. Heat the pendant with a Heat Tool and place a piece of Glue Film into it; it will immediately liquefy, ready for the finished design to be glued in...and it's not going to come out!

This next sample is Rebecca's favorite, so I made this pendant for her (as an aside, Congrats to Inky for being one of the new lead Fiskateers...check it out!). So, I heated some silver Glue Foil onto Grungeboard and ran it through the Tiny Bubbles Cuttlebug Embossing Folder. I colored it with the Alcohol Inks, but then it was calling out to be made more "bubbly", so I added random dots of Glossy Accents(tm) to the embossed bubbles...one thing I found is not to add the Glossy Accents too close to one another...they seem to want to run to each other! You can't really tell until I show you a different view...like this one!
I then finished all of these pieces off with something new that I've not tried before...Liquitex High Gloss Varnish. I'm not sure how or why it works, all I know is that it has not taken any of the alcohol inks or paints off of any of the pieces I've made and it just gives it a "high end" look when done.

Here's one last sneak peek...how lucky was I that the large flower center of the Build-a-Flower Combo Die/Embossing set would fit perfectly in the circle pendant from Amate? Talk about karma! You can tell I added my own little lines and dots to the image to give it a little more depth.

Well, off to finish up some more pieces. I'm also finishing up my last few samples for the class I'm also teaching at CHA...see, I'm staying out of trouble! Clearsnap asked me to design and teach their class and I've been having fun doing that!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable rest of the weekend. In less than 2 weeks I hope to see many of you in Chi-town!

Embossed and Inky Hugs, Robin


KSmith said...

OOH they are pretty! glad you got your hands full with plenty of CHA. Ok you better keep me posted on when you will teaching classes in (NJ) love to learn how you did those.

Lisa M .Pace said...

These are so pretty. I have to see you make some of these... I want to learn this technique bad.

TA Carbone said...

Way to go Robin. I ordered my items and can't wait to try it :)
Hope to see you after CHA at Scrapper's Cove. So happy you are staying busy :)


Absolutely Everything said...

Wow, Robin..those are gorgeous...let's do that for the next bus tour/....I am back now and cannot wait to talk to you

Ruby Craft said...

Robin, I have missed your blogging but am amazed at all the beautiful pieces you have created. I am looking forward to seeing that video.

Kris Hoffer, owner said...

Gorgeous, as always! The bubbly one is my favorite.

Glad you & Inky are going to CHA together - you two will have SO much fun!

Keep creating - obviously, it's a gift you have.

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

neat. looks like fun stuff to play with!

Teresa said...

Ooooohhhhhhhh!!! I can't wait to see these in person, especially the bubble one!!

Liezbeth said...

WOW this is looking great. Don't understand how you did it but love the effect.

inkyheart said...

I'm so excited with all you are doing at CHA. I know things will probably feel pretty weird, after being with another company for 8 years... But I love your enthusiasm, and I hope for all kinds of wonderful opportunities to come your way soon! Have fun in Chicago! Keep us posted on that stamp sale. I'm drooling...

noralee said...

just checking in... how did I miss this?
Give me a call/email. Love to see you at CHA.


Chris Kent-Sharma said...

Hope to run into you at CHA! Can't believe it's only 1 week away and I am getting very excited to see all the great works of art!

Glad to see you are keeping busy and can not wait to have you teach at the store!!

Absolutely Everything said...

Robin..e mail me to tell me what booths you will be in, and when...I will be there on Monday and all week

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Michelle McGee said...

Very nice...

Hope CHA was good to you...