Thursday, May 1, 2008

On the Road to Recovery

Hello, Everyone! I wanted to touch base and thank everyone for the well wishes. The surgery went well and I'm hanging out in my bed, hooked to a cooler that feeds icy water through a tube to a wrap around my knee and drugs (yay, Percocet!). (Photo Credit: sick doggie)

The surgical center and surgeon were stellar. Everyone could not have been nicer, answering all of my questions and making me comfortable. They followed up yesterday with phone calls to see how I was doing and making sure that I was following my instructions (believe me, I am!).

Brian's been my hero, filling my ice bucket and bringing me coffee in the morning, keeping me company and bringing me dinner. What a guy!

My goal at this point is to make it another day without a shower. Tomorrow is THE day...I'm dreaming of taking a shower, really! Then more rest until I follow up with the doctor next week. I'm just doing a lot of sleeping and keeping my knee raised.

Don't forget about the contest! I can't wait to see what makes its way to me!

Hugs! Robin


Mona Lisa said...

I am so glad to hear you are home safe and sound chica. You are being a model patient! I just hope you have a laptop woman. ;)


Kris Hoffer said...

Poor Baby!!!!!
I send you lots of hugs and kitty snuggles from Prisma, Hobbes, and Oreo!
My laptop is down and sent away to be fixed, so I have no email for TEN days!!!AAAAARGH! I'm stuck with this old desktop monster that has no email. :(
I'm thinkin of ya, even if I can only "talk" to ya through your blog!

Ink Stained Roni said...


I'm so glad everything went well during your surgery!

Sending you good vibes so you'll heal quickly and as painlessly as possible!

Absolutely Everything said...

esyozRObin.. I have been thinking about you..I am so glad it went well...rest a lot now, because you know we will all have you running ragged when you are better.

I will spread the "contest " word up here.

Kriss said...

I've been thinking about you and glad to hear you're doing fine. You'll be back to marathon-running before you know it!

Cindy C said...

Hey girlie,
Glad to hear you are on the mend. Gotta be ready to walk the hill in Jerome. ;)

Wendy said...

Happy shower day to you!!!!!

dime store daze said...

I'm glad to hear all went well...
Enjoy your shower...

Shari said...

smoochies to my friend as you heal. That cold water machine is amazing....my son had his feet reconstructed (14 years ago) and they had boots for him...kept the swelling down and he didn't need drugs!!!
I'll check back in with you....have a happy shower!!!
Love ya.

Erin Glee said...

Glad you are following Dr.'s orders and are not in pain (yay drugs! They have their place...).
Get well soon, heal quickly, and enjoy a "shower" of love as all the Bandana Art entries start "pouring" in!--Erin : )

a.k.a. Craft Diva said...

I hope you are recovering well from your surgery.
Loved taking the Artful Cafe with you at Absolutely Everything when you were on the road!
You are so fun and talented!
Feel better soon!
aka The Craft Diva

Ruby Craft said...

So happy surgery went well. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

ginny said...

You have to love modern medicine when it comes to surgery! I hope your recovery is sweet and painless. If you get bored, give me a call and we will chat.

Chris said...

Feel better, Robin! Nice to have an update from you. I'll be thinking of you in a nice steamy shower tomorrow! Enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Robin, I'm dropping a nice fat envelope full of bandana cards in the mail to you today. Hope they cheer you up!

Anonymous said...

Robin, glad all is going well and you have someone to take care of you. I know that is important when you can't get around. Speedy recovery. My cards will be on thier way to you soon. Having so much fun with my white pen.
Sue Wisniewski in CT.

Michelle McGee said...

Hope you're doing better!!!

Anonymous said...

I so hope you are feeling better. Surgery is no fun, but now you can recover and things will get better!!!! So glad your being taken care of...rest my friend!!!!
love Teresa C

KSmith said...

Oh I had that surgery too. Do what ever the doctor tells you to do and nothing else. Physical theraphy is a must to making this successful. Hope you are recovering nicely

Bernie Berlin said...

Sending healing (((huggs))) your way!!!
Get well soon!!!
It will be no time before we get there for Ranger U.
So get ready to party girl!!! I expect to see you dancing on the tables:)

caroline said...

robin, so glad you are better!

Jean said...

Robin-- how is it going!!! LOVE YOU LOTS!!!! jean XOXOXOXOXOX!!!
HOPE THE PAIN ISN'T TOO BAD!!! hope you are resting!

jean, who has now used up her exclamation point quota for the day because I think you are so wonderful!

Beth Norman said...

Just found you, and OMG you rock! I found you by way of the TJ group when you spoke about the black Adirondack ink. Love all Adirondack inks and just purchased the bright line, and that's all I'm using these days. So you are the creator of the bandana technique. I saw it around and sadly there wasn't a link back to you. I do weekly tutorials and would love to do your bandana technique along with a few others, and would link back to you. Is this acceptable to you? Your bg's are so gorgeous and I'm dying to try them out. Your blog is very interesting. I spent quite a bit of time on it and subscribed. Keep up the good work.

Crazy Art Girl said...

I am glad that you are recovering nicely. My dh had knee surgery last May. Yes, I know all about that big ice/cold water machine, lugging it to empty the water, buying bags of ice, and doing absolutely everything. Hope you are not in too much pain. Bandana owls are a hoot! See you at CHA, hopefully!
Best wishes and hope you are getting around very soon.

emily said...

Get better!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin,
Glad to hear things went well. I hope you are up and about soon. Be good and do what the doctor says so you heal well.
Take Care,

sue w. in ct. said...

Hi Robin, How are you doing? Got cabin fever? take care.
sue w. in ct.